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  • What is CP CAB?



What is CP CAB?

What is CP CAB?

CP CAB is the acronym of the Conseil provincial des cercles d'amélioration du bétail inc., which is the provincial council for the improvement of cattle in Québec. CP CAB is one of the co-owners of CIAQ, the others being two Québec producers, the Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec, or FPLQ, which is the association of the milk producers of Québec, and the Conseil québécois des races laitières inc., or CQRL, which is the association of the dairy breeds of Québec.

The CP CAB is comprised of 12 regional councils which, in turn, are comprised of 74 local CAB’s all promoting CIAQ products and services by organizing local and regional activities on the genetic improvement of dairy and beef cattle. There are 6,870 dairy and beef producers throughout Québec.

The 12 regional councils


1. Bas St-Laurent-Gaspésie
2. Québec
3. Beauce-Frontenac
4. Centre du Québec
5. Estrie
6. Montérégie-Est

7. Montérégie-Ouest
8. Outaouais
9. Abitibi-Témiscamingue
10. Laurentides Lanaudière
11. Mauricie
12. Saguenay-Lac St-Jean

The Board of Directors 2010-2011

1st row, from left to right : Guy Lavoie, 1st Vice-President, François Gauthier, President, Alphonse Pittet, 2nd Vice-President and Marie-Claire Girod, Coordinator-Secretary.
2nd row : Pascal Godin, Rémi Pelletier, Yannick Lapointe, Sylvain Leblond and Raynald Fortier.
3rd row : Marcel St-Denis, Philippe Tremblay, Vital Larouche and Bruno Lavoie.



CP CAB’s Engagement

CP CAB’s engagement is to encourage a sense of ownership in dairy and beef producers by promoting the exclusive use of CIAQ’s products and services, thus fostering partnerships between the breeders, CIAQ and the distributors.

CAB works at…

  • Promoting the insemination network
  • Promoting CIAQ (and its distributors by organizing and sponsoring various activities)
  • Bringing financial support to school farms, to the Association des Jeunes Ruraux du Québec, or AJRQ, which is the association for young rurals interested in farming and the agri-food system in Québec, and to breed associations
  • Awards yearly prizes to PEP users

... and at…

  • Organizing promotions for CIAQ’s products and services for each group of producers
  • Saluting the work of local CAB’s or honoring the work of a particular region through its recognition program
  • Increasing its public exposure throughout the Province by organizing forums on genetics (in 2004, 2006 and 2008) and again in 2010 in partnerships

CP CAB's history

Les Cercles d’élevage de bovins laitiers, or CEBL, or the circles of dairy cattle breeders, were created by the CIAQ to promote the use of artificial insemination

o    Commitment of A.I. technicians
o    Invoicing clients
o    Remunerate A.I. technicians

Creation of the Association des cercles d’amélioration du bétail du Québec, or ACABQ, or the Québec association for the improvement of cattle

o    To negotiate a labour agreement with A.I. technicians and ensure its respect by CAB


Schism from the ACABQ

Creation of new committee with representatives from ACABQ, MAPAQ and with Jacques Proulx

o    New start

Change to the CAB operational structure

o    From administrator, CAB’s become a promoter of A.I. and work at the improvement of services
o    The names of six representatives are submitted to the Minister. Three are chosen to be members of the CIAQ Board of Directors
o    This new structure will help communications between CIAQ and the breeders


Creation of the Coopérative des Inséminateurs du Québec, or CIQ, the association of the A.I. technicians of Québec.

Pilot project in Mauricie

o    A more regional management in order to cut on costs allocated to administration

Changes at CAB

o    Purchase of CIAQ together with the FPLQ and the CQRL
o    Regionalization of the CAB structure: one secretary per region
o    Network created to promote contact, loyalty and regional decision-making

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