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  • NSAB, CIAQ'S Partner in Nova Scotia



NSAB, CIAQ'S Partner in Nova Scotia

NSAB, CIAQ'S Partner in Nova Scotia

CIAQ and the Nova Scotia Animal Breeders Co-op Ltd. (NSAB) have an agreement according to which each year Nova Scotia breeders, in conjunction with CIAQ, can test many Holstein bulls, thus allowing milk producers, whose herds are eligible to genetic evaluations, to have access to bulls who are being tested.



Nova Scotia breeders also have access to semen from our proven dairy and beef sires as well as to CIAQ's variuous programs and services, such as ProGen, On-Farm visits, etc.

With such partnership, Nova Scotia breeders are at the forefront of Canadian genetics!



The NSAB Team:

  • Programs and services: Greg Bell, General Manager, 902-895-1519
  • Marketing of semen: Glen McKinnon  902-890-1936
                                     Scottie Colpitts  902-890-4236

The NSAB offices are located at 4060 Highway 236, Lower Truro, Nova Scotia B6L 1J9
Telephone: 902-895-1519 • Toll-free: 1-800-565-4552 • Fax: 902-897-0518 •


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