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His International Influence

The Starbuck influence has been enormous in Canada, and particularly in Québec. Starbuck sired sufficient milking daughters to obtain reliable proofs in many countries around the world. Attractive proofs in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Denmark, among others, showed that Starbuck generated considerable improvement for breeders constantly looking for excellence.

Starmore Rudolph, a Starbuck grandson topped the LPI list for two and a half years.  He proudly perpetuated the Starbuck legend throughout the world and had a great impact on the Holstein breed.

Through his Daughters (French only)

The number of Starbuck daughters in the world is estimated to be at least 200,000. In order to illustrate Starbuck’s achievements in Canada, and in the major importing countries, we thought of simply selecting a certain number of exceptional females.

Through his Sons and Grandsons (French only)

Starbuck’s influence on the Holstein breed has continued with his ability to sire sons with extremely high proofs which are well-balanced for type and production. He was a very popular sire in Canada with over 200 proven sons.

His impact and his influence on the international scene have established CIAQ as one of the best artificial insemination centres for bovines in the world. A great ambassador of Canadian genetics, Starbuck has become a true legend…

In Canada

  • Sire of 34 All-Canadians and 27 Reserves
  • Leading sire of All-Canadians for seven consecutive years (1987-1993)
  • Seven of the top 10 LPI sires trace to Starbuck 
  • Thirty of the top 50 LPI sires are either his sons, grandsons or great grandsons
  • Two of the top 50 LPI sires carry Starbuck twice in their pedigree 
  • Among the top 25 LPI sires are representatives of four of Starbuck's best sons : Aerostar (Rudolph, Aeroline and Storm), Prelude (Progress and Outside), Raider (Lee) and Astre (Dusty)
  • Sire of 12 Class Extra sons  
  • From 1991 to 1998, the top Lifetime Production Index (LPI) ranking was held by a Starbuck son or grandson

In the United States

  • Sire of 41 All-Americans and 24 Reserves
  • Leading sire of All-Americans for seven consecutive years (1987-1993) 
  • Among the top 100 TPI list are 14 sons of Aerostar or Prelude
  • Of the 602 active sires, 49 are sons of Aerostar, five are his grandsons
  • Of the 602 active sires, Starbuck appears 12 times as sire, 60 as grandsire and six times as great grandsire
  • Starbuck and Aerostar sons were sampled sparingly. Prelude sons and sons from Aerostar dams will provide Starbuck's greatest contribution over the next few years

In France

  • Respected Starbuck son, Besne Buck, helped elevates French A.I. status 
  • Second-crop success story, Esquimau, credits Starbuck as maternal grandsire
  • Current #3 sire on the ISU list, Fatal, is also from a Starbuck dam 
  • Hondo Aero, an Aerostar son, ranks among the top 20

in GERmany

  • Respected Starbuck son, Belt, has three sons among the top 20 for RZG 
  • There are already nine Prelude sons in the top 50 listing and three in the top 10 
  • Aerostar sons occupy 4th and 7th positions on the RZG list
  • Sires occupying positions 3 and 5 are from Starbuck dams
  • Eleven of the top 13 bulls for RZG are Starbuck grandsons 

in Italy

  • Starbuck’s son, Sabbiona Bookie, is the bull that put Italian A.I. on the map
  • Six of the top 12 ILQM sires are either sons of Prelude or Aerostar 
  • The top two ranking bulls are sired by Aerostar and Prelude, respectively  
  • The Italian top 50 list includes nine Aerostars and five Preludes 
  • Aerostar is already the sire of three dams among the top 50 list 

In Holland

  • Starbuck’s son, Mapel Wood Ideal, is still widely respected among Dutch breeders  
  • Aerostar sons, Ronald and Archibald, are popular among breeders
  • Newly-proven Prelude son, Spirando, is among the top type improvers 
  • Belt son and Starbuck grandson, Dennis, ranks among the top milk yield improvers

International Testimony…(French only)


The Legendary

STARBUCK’s Exceptional Career

Evereyone who knew sire Hanoverhill STARBUCK, who used his semen and who witnessed his amazing rise to glory in artificial insemination will be interested to read about him and may even learn something about the sire who revolutionized Holstein breeding. Starbuck passed away on September 17, 1998 at the venerable age of 19 years and four months. Less than two years after his passing, calf STARBUCK II, the clone of the famous CIAQ sire, was born on September 7, 2000 in Saint-Hyacinthe.

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