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Milestones in his Career

April 26, 1979 Starbuck was born at Hanover Hill Holsteins in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.
December 13, 1979 Arrival at CIAQ and coded 73 HO 431.
September — October 1980 Tested on CIAQ's Young Sire Proving Program.
October 1981 to February 1983 Classified GP (October 1981), VG (June 1982) and Excellent (February 1983) at three years 10 months.
April 1984 First official proof and return to regular service: +9 for type, +4 for protein and +5 for both milk & fat.

Photo: Pavo Marise Starbuck, one of Starbuck's daughters to have contributed to his first official proof.
Fall 1984 His production proof jumps from +5 to +10 for milk, while maintaining positive deviations for fat and protein.
Spring 1985 EXTRA title from Holstein Association of Canada.
1986 Starbuckmania is spreading: many second-generation heifers dominate the show circuit. Starbuck is Premier Sire at the Québec Provincial Show.

A six-month heifer is the top-selling female of the Quality Holsteins Sale at $300,000, a record price for a heifer calf in Canada.
1987 to 1992 Leader of the All-Canadian and All-American contests in North America
Sire of 23 All-Canadians, 20 Reserve All-Canadians, 29 All-Americans and 19 Reserve All-Americans.

His popularity spreads with show winners, high producers and top-sellers being reported in many countries.

His impact is world-wide with semen exports to 42 countries.

Photo: Marlau Starbuck Yvonne, one of Starbuck's first heifers to have a title in All-Canadian.
1988 First proof in the U.S.; in July, he ranks 5th among the top PD Type bulls with +2.75 PDT 1st Excellent daughter in the U.S.: Sarra Puce Starbuck, purchased from a breeder in Québec.
1988 to 1990
and 1992-1993
Premier Sire at the Québec Spring and Provincial Shows, in Harrisburg, in Madison and in Toronto.
1989 The First Excellent daughter in Canada, Hanoverhill Star T Barb.
The well-known Hanoverhill Star Lulu ET tops the Hanover Hill Sale at $635,000, the top auction price in Canada in 1989. 
1989 to 1991

Starbuck dominates the Elite Cow List in Canada; in January 1991, 2,159 daughters represent 35% of all high-indexing cows.

No. 1 for type in the U.S. (+3.24 PTAT in January 1991).

1990 The oldest Starbuck sons receive their first proofs in Canada.

Madawaska Aerostar and Hanoverhill Stardom create a lot of interest on the international scene.

Photo: Madawaska Aerostar, Starbuck's first proven son, was also an international star.
November 1990 Starbuck reaches the mark of 50,000 progeny registered; a first in Holstein Canada's history.
1991-1992 A  Starbuck daughter is proclaimed Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

Seven Starbuck daughters are class winners at the 1992 Royal Winter Fair, including Junior Champion, Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion who is also Senior Champion.
1992 One hundred daughters are classified Excellent in Canada.

Premier Sire, Holstein National Show, United Kingdom.
1993 Forty-six active sons of  Starbuck in Canada including Ronnybrook Prelude, the No. 1 LPI sire.

Ten sons recognized Extra by Holstein Canada.

Sixty-nine percent of his classified daughters (29,808) are Good Plus and better with 138 Excellents (March 1993).
1994 Winner of the Triple Crown in Cremona, Italy (Grand Champion, Junior Champion and Champion bull) as well as sire of the Reserve Grand Champion.
1995 Starbuck's oldest grandsons receive their first proofs in Canada. Shoremar Mason is the first to be awarded the title of Extra.
1996 Eleven of the top 12 bulls on the Canadian LPI list are related to Starbuck, including Startmore Rudolph.
Duspasquier Starb Winnie, Ex.3E, is named Cow of the Year in Canada.

Photo: Duffland Starbuck Juliana, first STARBUCK daughter to be classified Ex.-7E in Canada.
1998 Starbuck passes away at the age of 19 years and 4 months. He becomes the oldest bull ever housed in an artificial insemination center in the world.  
2000 Birth of Starbuck’s clone – Hanoverhill Starbuck II. The birth of a live cloned male calf from a line of frozen cells of an adult bovine is a first in Canada.

Photo: Hanoverhill Starbuck II, the first living clone born from a line of frozen cells of an adult bovine. A first in Canada!

Hanoverhill Starbuck is considered to be the sire with the biggest impact on the cattle population in the world!

The Legendary

STARBUCK’s Exceptional Career

Evereyone who knew sire Hanoverhill STARBUCK, who used his semen and who witnessed his amazing rise to glory in artificial insemination will be interested to read about him and may even learn something about the sire who revolutionized Holstein breeding. Starbuck passed away on September 17, 1998 at the venerable age of 19 years and four months. Less than two years after his passing, calf STARBUCK II, the clone of the famous CIAQ sire, was born on September 7, 2000 in Saint-Hyacinthe.

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