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Newsletter for 10/02/2011
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New consultant service representatives
Three consultant service representatives have joined the Marketing and Genetic Direction as part of a pilot project in the Estrie, Rive-Nord and Montérégie Est districts. More...
Statement of account and Valacta Credits
The January statements of account and Valacta Credits are available online and can be accessed through the Client Zone.
A new cocktail for the Colored Breeds
200 PS 0017 replaces 200 PS 0006 which stocks have run out. The price is still $25 as with other REPROMIX products. The mix contains semen from the following sires: 200 AY 0701 JURASSIC, 200 BS 0413 SHEBANG and 200 LM 0109 COWBOY.
Sexed Semen
The list of sires available in sexed semen is now available on our Website. Go...

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