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CIAQ's 6th decade highlights written by Robert Chicoine

Saint-Hyacinthe, 28 April 2009 – The Centre d’insémination artificielle du Québec celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2008 and to conclude this important stage, the CIAQ management proceeded with the launching of the book "CIAQ, la 6e décennie" written by Robert Chicoine, agrologist and former general manager of the organization during 15 years.

After a first book on the first 50 years of CIAQ published in 2000, this edition pursues the history of the organization by relating the highlights that have marked the sixth decade of its existence, from 1998 to 2008. In the first part can be found the sequence of events, including the acquisition of CIAQ by Québec breeders, the peaks in semen production, the departure of the star sire Starbuck and the birth of his clone, the integration of A.I. technicians CIAQ’s team, the 40 years of the PEP program as well as the establishment of new services and programs. And in the second part, several themes that have marked the life of CIAQ in its offer of many services to producers are brought to light. To resume the words of the author Robert Chicoine : "…the writing of the history of CIAQ’s sixth decade was a very interesting mandate to fill, because it allowed me to get to know even better this organization that was closely linked to my everyday professional life until 1997". Even though he was not a member of the CIAQ team during this 6th decade, Mr Chicoine was the first general manager of The Semex Alliance, partly owned by CIAQ, and he has continued to assume part-time responsibilities within this company until the end of June 2008.

Pour reprendre les mots de l'auteur Robert Chicoine : « rédaction de l'histoire de la sixième décennie du CIAQ fut un mandat fort intéressant à remplir, car il m'a permis de mieux connaître encore cette entreprise qui a été intimement liée au quotidien de ma vie professionnelle jusqu'en 1997 ». Même s'il n'était pas membre de l'équipe du CIAQ durant cette 6 e décennie, monsieur Chicoine a été le premier directeur général de L'Alliance Semex, dont le CIAQ est l'un des propriétaires, puis il a continué à temps partiel à assumer d'autres responsabilités au sein de cette entreprise jusqu'à la fin de juin 2008.

After 60 years of activities as a supplier of the top genetics to dairy and beef breeders throughout Québec, CIAQ is therefore happy to offer this book to the agricultural community.

Also, the readers who wish to know more about the first 50 years of CIAQ’s history are invited to read the book entitled "CIAQ, 50 ans avec vous" in which the various episodes of the five decades are marvelously written by Jean-Noël Dion and Claude Hayes.

The committee of the book, from left to right :Robert Chicoine, Françoise Martel, Agathe Drolet, Hélène Drapeau and Yves Brindle
Robert Chicoine, the author of the book, autographying a copy of his oeuvre

De plus, les lecteurs désireux de mieux connaître les 50 premières années de l'histoire du CIAQ sont invités à lire l'ouvrage intitulé « CIAQ, 50 ans avec vous » dans lequel les péripéties des cinq décennies sont magnifiquement racontées par Jean-Noël Dion et Claude Hayes.

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