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Discover the Genomax sires!

Discover the Genomax sires!

The Semex Alliance selects all its young sires according to high genomic parent averages (GPA), but some of them stand out from the others and thus become part of the new line-up of Genomax sires.

What benefits can be obtained from their use?
    • Accelerate genetic gains; reduce intervals between generations
    • Benefit from modern genetics, from sons and grandsons of popular sires
    • Benefit from profitable characteristics such as attractive values for semen fertility obtained after sampling, for sexed semen and for calving ability values.
How should they be used?

This product well complements proven sires and young sires. The reliability of their GPA indexes is similar to that of PEP sires. Considering the lower
reliability of GPAs compared to proven sires, it is recommended that
breeding decisions be orientated as follows :

    • Use several different sires with GPAs, consider a good variety of young sires and Genomax sires
    • As is the case for young sires, use them on the intermediate portion of the herd. A breeder could substitute a percentage of PEP doses for this category of sires
    • Always use a strong proportion of elite proven sires, particularly with the best cows in the herd.

To get the list of Genomax sires available now, click here.

To print this list in pdf format, click here.


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