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April 2009

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Goldwyn remains on top of the CIAQ/Semex Alliance sire list. The constant increase of his LPI with the addition of more than 2100 daughters now ranks him at 2774 LPI points. The three top LPI sires on the proof sheet remain the same, Goldwyn (2774), Ashlar (2587) and Mr Burns (2257).

Among the newly proven sires for LPI, Eight is found in 1st place with 2221 points. There is also Sahara, a red factor, who ranks 10th in Canada with 1977 LPI points.


New sires
Crockett-Acres Eight
OMan x Mtoto
2221 LPI, 1135 kg milk, 60 kg G, 66 kg P and 105 DF
Gen-I-Beq Sahara *RDC
Champion x Durham
1977 IPV, 1499 kg milk, 84 kg F, 47 kg P, +10 C, +13 DS and +10 Rump
Sicy Knowledge
Freelance x James
1791 LPI, 1111 kg milk, 74 kg F, 41 kg P, +12 C, +10 MS, +13 DS
La Présentation Discount
Goodluck x Lantz
1738  LPI, 71 kg F, 40 kg P, +9 C, +12 DS
Morsan Frontrunner * RDC
Talent x James
1663 LPI, 33 kg F, 38 kg P, +11 C, +10 MS, +10 Rump
Domicole Simms
Titanic x Allen
1367 LPI, +14 C, +12 MS, +10 DS

For the Red and White enthusiasts, West-Port Bookman-Red (Talent x Rubens) joins the list of Cardinal Series sires and can also be found on the Conformation proof sheet thanks to his +14 index.

The highest LPI increase goes to Howie with 305 points, which now ranks him in the top 10 among the sires with a Canadian proof with 2061 LPI points. Also worth mentioning are Denzel's increase to 1849 LPI points (+188) thanks to his production gain, and Ashlar's LPI increase to 2587 points thanks to the improvement of his daughter fertility index to 107.

Lochdale Sims Sunshine, GP-83-2YR
a daughter of Domicole Simms
Joubert Knowledge Pastelle, GP-84-2YR
a daughter of Sicy Knowledge

Newmorning Eight Nancy 6, GP-82-2YR
a daughter of Crockett-Acres Eight-ET
Naud Sahara Yonia, GP-84
a daughter of Gen-I-Beq Sahara

Mountainoak Discount Tammie, GP-84-2YR
a daughter of La Présentation Discount
Moorclose Frontrunr Laurel, VG-86-2YR (US)
a daughter of Morsan Frontrunner


Visserdale Tron  ET (Tornade x BBB Kellogg) is the new sire returned to service with a very balanced proof. Tron excels for health and fertility traits while showing a more than adequate type proof and improving fat test. On the list of already proven sires, our battery of stars still remains dominant.


Scottière Knock-Out (Sultan x Jade) is the first Sultan son to be returned to service with a strong type proof. He sires daughters that are higher than average for production while improving all functional traits.

Fairvista Knock-Out Madonna, VG-85-2YR
a daughter of Scottière Knock-Out-ET


Amandes Nectar ET who was returned to service last January confirms his proof by improving it by 459 LPI points, which ranks him 2nd in the breed.

Brown Swiss

Two sires are added to the proof sheet. Hänny Swiss Gordon Wurl ET (Gordon x Starbuck) is the first sire imported from Swissgenetics to get a Canadian proof that meets expectations with very good type. Jolahofs Polo Jongleur ET (Polo x Starbuck) is a new sire imported from Swissgenetics being added to our offer. He is the top mammary system improver available on the market with an index of +18. He also sires tall cows with favorable milking speed, as sought-after by breeders.

Steiner Wurl Wunia
a daughter of Hänny Swiss Gordon Wurl ET


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