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Goldwyn once again confirms his outstanding potential with an LPI increase now at 2669 (2nd) and +16 for conformation, despite the rolling base adjustment. Second generation daughters stand out as Goldwyn sires 33 % of the top 1000 cows based on LPI. Ashlar continues to defend his title of an elite and well-balanced sire at 2420 LPI (4th) with Mr Burns following closely at 2158 LPI (5th). Samuelo adds 480 daughters, 25 LPI points, and 1 conformation point. Samuelo is an example of what we like to see from our 2nd generation sires!

Various sires successfully pass the 2nd generation test : Lucky Star, Charge, F B I and Buckeye (Canadian proof coming April 2009), and the best is yet to come! With more than 200 daughters classified and already 16 VG-2Y, Buckeye adds almost 100 points to his LPI Mace. Buckeye’s lactating daughters found in Canada remind us of durable Rudolphs appreciated for their quality feet and legs.

Damin-Acres Malicieux 1214, VG-86-3YRA US
a daughter of Vieuxsaule Malicieux
L'angelus Gitan Marinoel, NC
a daughter of Comestar Gitan

Olson-Lane Bolivia Bobbi, VG-85-2YR US
a daughter of Magor Bolivia Allen-ET
Willrae Denzel Junie, NC
a daughter of La Présentation Denzel

Newly proven sires with lots of potential

Vieuxsaule Malicieux (Income x Marshall) enters at 2278 LPI Mace with a proof that combines lots of milk and exceptional type (1281 kgM, +12 conf.) Descending from a Canadian pedigree, he is one of the best proven sires in the United States and is the highest ranked Income son based on LPI. Malicieux daughters demonstrate remarkable mammary systems and stand on a great set of feet and legs.

Vyecroft Vittorio (Champion x Durham), ranked 7th,  is the best newly proven sire and Champion son in Canada at 1962 LPI. Vittorio brings exceptional production and is a rump specialist at +12. Vittorio offers a balanced proof that will meet the needs of various breeding strategies.

La Présentation Denzel (Champion x Emerson) daughters are receiving lots of praise! This newly added proven sire descending from the family of La Présentation Daurel, Ex.-36*, offers an interesting combi­nation in conformation (+13, +12 MS, +14 DS) with good yields.

Comestar Gitan comes from the well-known family of Brigeen Ruldolph Glinda, VG 15*, sister to Givenchy. The combination of Goodluck X Igniter brings good production along with very functional rumps and mammary systems. Gitan offers a good quality/price ratio that will please many!


Ayr-Ouelle K-M Valentina-ET, VG-86-2YR
a daughter of Blackaddar Karamilk
Lombard Dale Nemo Helen, VG-87-2YR
a daughter of Beau Lac Nemo

Jupiter (4th LPI) remains a good leader as he maintains an overall dominant proof, followed closely by Edmour, Normandin, Poker and Bendig. Bendig confirms his proof with a big gain in production while Poker still remains the number 1 conformation sire in the breed with an LPI of 2041. Etro (10th) completes this group.

Nemo, conformation specialist

200 AY 599 Beau Lac Nemo (best son based on LPI by Sylvester x Patrick) established his proof as he excels in conformation (+10 conf., +9 MS, +9 FL, +8 DS and +6 rump score). Even though Nemo has not been added to the proof sheet, his semen can be ordered through your
A.I. technician or our representative in your area.


CIAQ/The Semex Alliance sires once again dominate the LPI listing! Legacy, Senior and Blackstone lead the way at the top of the Canadian LPI list. Molly Brook Flow (Morgan X Berretta) makes his debut at 1232 LPI with 1234 kg milk, +4 confor­mation and 2,81 SCS.

Alpenrose Flow Rosy Y, VG-86-2YR
a daughter of Molly Brook Flow


Amandes Nectar-ET (King X Energika), a purebred sire, is added to the proof sheet. He is ranked 4th for LPI at 818 thanks to a genetic evaluation for production of +292 kg milk.

Brown Swiss

Among the additions, Polykarp (Polo x Monopoly), a Swissgenetics sire, dominates in mammary systems (+10) and production at +732 kgM, +24 F, +26 P. Blessing Eagle Alliance ET (Eagle x Collection) has been added with a very interesting profile. Finally, Joytrek (Patrick x Distinction) ranks 7th for LPI thanks to good conformation and remarkable functional traits and is back on the proof sheet. Wurl, ranking 6th, is the first Swissgenetics sire to come out with a proof and he surpasses expectations! We are awaiting the arrival of semen from Switzerland in the weeks to come.

A daughter of Plantahof's Polo Polykarp, Switzerland


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