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Proud of the road travelled in the last 60 years with Évolution. Passion. Vision.

Saint-Hyacinthe, 28 April 2009 – Guy Lavoie has completed his second year as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Centre d’insémination artificielle du Québec (CIAQ). At the presentation of CIAQ’s 2008 Annual Report, he underlined, "This 60th anniversary coincides with the 10th anniversary of the purchase of CIAQ by Québec Breeders and we can be proud of the road travelled up to now. Of course, we can also rejoice over the financial performance of the organization throughout this decade and, again this year, the results have allowed us to maintain the loyalty bonuses at the same level as last year, that is a 5 % remittance on semen purchases made in 2008, on top of the 7 % that was paid during the year as discounts on service fees. Overall, the amounts directly or indirectly returned to Québec breeders and to their organizations comes up to 8 945 000 $ or 0,41 $ for each dollar spent in semen sales".

"In fact, with a net profit of 3 493 000 $, representing an increase of 2 200 000 $ over last year, we can describe the year as excellent" states in his report Normand Renaud, General Manager.

As far as activities are concerned, the year of CIAQ’s 60th anniversary was crowned with success. The participation of the clientele and the staff in the various promotions and activities set up for that occasion was remarkable. "As soon as the 60th anniversary celebrations were launched at the Spring Show in Victoriaville, I could plainly observe how collectively proud breeders are of being the owners of CIAQ. Furthermore, during the festivities, I attended the staff dinner in Drummondville and there again I witnessed the sense of belonging of the present and retired employees. For CIAQ owners, it is both very encouraging and reassuring to be able to rely on committed and devoted employees who care about the success of the organization", added the Chairman.

For several years, CIAQ has strengthened the counseling service for its clientele, and 2008 has seen the deployment on a larger scale of the Tandem Service that goes further in the accompaniment of its clients. "This confidence of our clients towards our advisors says a lot about the privileged relationship that we have by working in tandem with Québec breeders", indicates Normand Renaud.

"At the beginning of its 61st year and its next decade, CIAQ is facing several challenges. In my opinion, the 60th anniversary slogan Évolution. Passion. Vision. well defines the culture and the strength of the organization. The passion that inspires the staff and the industry people, the capacity of moving forward through changes as well as the vision of the Board members and the management staff are as many reasons allowing us to believe that CIAQ will maintain its leadership and continue to be a source of pride for its owners", concluded Chairman Guy Lavoie.

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