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Results of the January 2010 Genetic Evaluations

New Sires Bring Variety!


The genetic evaluations of January bring a change in the rolling base of 144 points in LPI and of approximately 1 point in conformation. Ashlar, who ranks 5th in LPI, remains amongst the best. With the addition of a few second-generation daughters, and in spite of the base adjustments, Mr Burns increases his LPI by 20 points, attaining 6th position.
The OMan influence and genetics focussing more on health and fertility traits are reflected by CIAQ’s offer of three sons. Morsan OManny, a newcomer with an impressive start, is the best young graduate of this round as he ranks 9th. He shares the best index in conformation among Oman sons and is by far his best for feet and legs. Manifold remains at the top of our proof sheet (you can view the video starring his daughters by clicking on this link). Eight remains in our “top 10” sires with Canadian proofs.


proof sheets.




Redama Mr Burns Lisa Red VG85-2Y
Second-generation daughter
of Mr Burns 


 Perchlane Tee Off 561 VG85-2Y
A Rietben TEE OFF daughter
on special until April 5th

The following are three sires returned to service who will meet various breeding profiles: 

200 HO 0422 Morsan OMANNY (OMan x Allen) :
2109 LPI, 0,16 % de protein, +8 conformation, +8 feet and legs, 110 herd life

200 HO 5451 Comestar LEXACT (Export x Income) :
1708 LPI, +9 conformation, +9 mammary system, 108 herd life, 103 daughter fertility

200 HO 3422 Windy-Knoll-View PROMAR (BW Marshall x Rudolph) :
1529 LPI, 1488 kg milk, +11 conformation, +10 mammary system, +12 dairy strength, 105 herd life, 104 daughter fertility, 66 % semen fertility


 FGB Omanny Jessie
Daughter of Morsan


Locarno Lexact 691
Daughter of Comestar LEXACT

Lanehaven Promar Tams GP83-2Y
Daughter of Windy-Knoll-View PROMAR

Discover our new GENOMAX line-up from six different sires. 

Ayrshire :

Proof after proof, our Ayrshire sires continue to prevail with their high-genetic potential and stability. Two new sires have been added to our list: Jelyca Oblique, a new star, outshines other sires in our group with his LPI and Kildare Percy tops the group with high production indexes.

200AY329 Jelyca OBLIQUE (Tornade x Sylvester)
LPI 2424, 843 kg M, +0.28 %F, +0.03 %P, +10 conf, +7 MS, +17 F&L, +7 DS, +5 R, 105 HL, 2.81 SC and 105 DF

200AY622 Kildare PERCY ET (Kelli x Patrick)
LPI 1975, 1616 kg M., 62 kg F, 56 kg P, 1 MS, 2.72 SC, 105 DF


 Des Vignolas Lory VG-2Y
Daughter of Jelyca OBLIQUE


Ayr-Ouelle Percy Barbara GP83-2Y
Daughter of Kildare PERCY-ET


Legacy reclaims his title as No. 1 of the breed, ahead of On Time and Dice. Advice, Blackstone, FlowSenior and Big Show complete our list of superior sires over 1000 for LPI. The No. 1 sire of the breed in conformation, Select-Scott Minister ET, from the Disigner profram, has been added to our list.

200JE427 Select-Scott MINISTER ET (Jade x Fillpail)
LPI 886, +13 conf., +11 MS, +13 F&L, +11 DS, +10 R, 109 HL, 103 DF

Brown swiss

Wurl, a Swissgenetics sire, is the most improved Brown Swiss sire with an increase of 380 points in his LPI. Goldmine makes his debut with a very nice proof in conformation.

200BS406 Hilltop Acres GOLDMINE (Dynasty x Dalton)
LPI 891, 128 kg M, +8 conf., +10 MS, +5 F&L, +6 DS, 104 HL, 104 MS


 Lencrest Minnie's Delight VG87-2Y
Daugthter of Select-Scott

 Sylgo Goldmine Blanchette VP84
Daughter of Hilltop Acres


Expo tops our list of proven sires with his LPI of 2023.


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