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Historic Proof Round!

Race Holstein:   Domination of Goldwyn sons and much more
Races colorées: Plusieurs nouveautés pour la race Ayrshire et la race Jersey

Our Holstein sires had a tremendous proof run, capturing 65 of the top 100 spots, including four new releases in the top 10!


# 1 LPI: 0200HO05575 Gillette Jordan (#1 New Release Sire: Goldwyn x Durham)
# 5 LPI: 0200HO03205 Braedale Goldwyn (#1 2nd crop sire)
# 6 LPI: 0200HO09804 Crockett-Acres Eight
# 7 LPI: 0200HO05577 Gillette Jerrick (#2 New Release Sire: Goldwyn x Durham)
# 8 LPI: 0200HO05588 Comestar Lauthority (#3 New Release Sire : Goldwyn x Igniter)
#10 LPI: 0200HO05562 Delaberge Lureck (#4 New Release Sire : Goldwyn x Durham)


# 4 LPI: 0200AY00642 Hautpré Knockout (#1 New Release Sire : Peterslund x B B Kellogg)
# 5 LPI: 0200AY00329 Jelyca Oblique
# 6 LPI: 0200AY00622 Kildare Percy
# 7 LPI: 0200AY00597 Kildare Jupiter
# 8 LPI: 0200AY00594 Duo Star Normandin
# 9 LPI: 0200AY00596 St Clement Edmour
#10 LPI: 0200AY00328 Kellcrest Humour

Brown Swiss

# 4 LPI: 0200BS00406 Hilltop Acres Goldmine
# 7 LPI: 0073BS00018 R Hart Cartoon


# 2 LPI: 0200JE00314 Hollylane Lilibet's Legacy
# 3 LPI: 0200JE00946 Sunset Canyon Dice
# 6 LPI: 0200JE00430 Lencrest On Time

Domination of Goldwyn sons and much more

The new proofs created strong sensations with the arrival of an exceptional group of Goldwyn sons. Three newcomers are also worth mentioning: a high-calibre Red sire, Micheret Infrarouge; Shottle’s best son in Canada, Regancrest Longtime; and a son of Mr Sam at +18 for Type (#3 in Canada), Pine-Tree Sid-ET.

For the first time in history, identical twins rank among the Top 10 for LPI, Gillette Jordan and Jerrick who respectively hold the 1st and 7th positions. Therefore Jordan with 2740 LPI points gets ahead of veterans Shottle and Bolton. Goldwyn’s domination does not end here since two others of his newly proven sons enter the Top 10 LPI list, namely Comestar Lauthority ranked 8th with 2394 LPI points and +17 for Type, and Delaberge Lureck in 10th place with 2192. Fleury Mathys (#11) and R-E-W Seaver (#14) are other dominant sires. Also, Goldwyn’s 7th son to be returned to service is none other than Crackholm Fever at +19 for Type (#2 in Canada).

Here are the highlights:

  • 6 sires among the Top 10 in Canada, including 4 newcomers
  • 8 out of the 10 newly proven sires including 7 Goldwyn sons
  • 13 proven sires with more than 2000 LPI points, including 6 newcomers
  • 4 newly proven sires at +17 and more for Type

Sought-after proof stability for the popular sires since last spring: Alaska remains among the leaders with 2164 for LPI, an increase of 125 LPI points, Bachelor’s proof  increases by 111 points, while the proofs of Stallion, Promar and Steady vary by less than 50 points. Mr Burns remains the highest Red & White carrier bull. Hereafter are the ten sires added to the proof sheet:

  1. 200HO5575 Gillette Jordan (Goldwyn x Durham): #1 for LPI with 2740 points, 1334 kg Milk, +15 Type, +14 Mammary System, +13 Feet & Legs, 110 HL and 2,49 SCS
  2. 200HO5577 Gillette Jerrick (Goldwyn x Durham): same profile as his identical twin Jordan, sires a lot of Production, Durability and Health
  3. 200HO5588 Comestar Lauthority (Goldwyn x Igniter): 2394 LPI, 1229 kg Milk, dominant for Type at +17, Mammary System +15, Feet & Legs +12, Dairy Strength +10 and Rump +7
  4. 200HO5562 Delaberge Lureck (Goldwyn x Durham): 2192 LPI, Mammary System +13, +11 Bone Quality, high Fat and Protein yields and deviations
  5. 200HO5584 Fleury Mathys (Goldwyn x Emerson): 2191 LPI, high deviations, functional Type and very strong for Daughter Fertility at 105
  6. 200HO5567 R-E-W Seaver (Goldwyn x Durham): 2159 LPI, high Type at +17, Mammary System +17, Dairy Strength +14, 2,59 SCS, 104 Daughter Fertility and 68 Semen Fertility
  7. 200HO5592 Crackholm Fever (Goldwyn x Blitz): Exceptional type at +19, Mammary System +15, Feet & Legs +17, Dairy Strength +10, Rump +11 and Milking Temperament 105
  8. 200HO5565 Regancrest Longtime (Shottle x Stormatic): The top Shottle LPI son in Canada, 2099 kg Milk, Type +11 and Dairy Strength +10
  9. 200HO5546 Micheret Infrarouge (Salto x Faber-red): Top Red sire returned to service in Canada with 1759 LPI points, Mammary System  +11, Feet & Legs +12, 105 Daughter Fertility and R-Value 11
  10. 200HO2137 Pine-Tree Sid (Mr Sam x Finley): Tied as #3 in Canada for Type with +18, Mammary System + 17, Dairy Strength + 15, 109 Milking Speed and 110 Daughter Calving Ability

In conclusion, the Genomax line-up will be enhanced by 4 new sires and will include a total of 8 active sires. Here are the newcomers:

  • 200HO2600 O-Bee Krusader (Planet x Shottle); LPI: + 2747 with a DGV for LPI of +3106
  • 200HO6168 Gen-I-Beq Seagual (Million x Bolton); LPI: +2605, Type +19 with a Type DGV of +22
  • 200HO7511 Denmire Bridge End Lionheart (Baxter x Goldwyn); LPI: +2554
  • 200HO6027 Delaberge Democracy *RDC (MrBurns x Shottle); LPI: +2402.

Races colorées: Plusieurs nouveautés pour la race Ayrshire et la race Jersey

A list of exceptional sires, meeting all the profiles, makes up our proof sheet in the Ayrshire breed. The averages of these sires are remarkable: 1977 LPI, 45 kg for Fat, 7 for Type and 2,79 for SCS. Here are the newcomers :

  • 200 AY 642 Hautpré KNOCKOUT (Peterslund X BBB Kellogg), our new lPI #1 with 2645, 1527 kg M, +0,09 % F, +0,13 % P, +7 Type, +7 F & L, +12 DS, 108 HL, 2,71 SCS and 105 DF
  • 200 AY 635 Kellcrest LANDSCAPE (Conn x B Jurist) : 1854 LPI, 1081 kg M, +0,07 % F, +0,07 %P, +5 Type, +5 MS, +7 DS, 103 HL and 2,91 SCS
  • 200 AY 638 Kellcrest SHOWSTAR (Pardner x BBB Kellogg) : 1464 LPI, +12 Type, +11 MS, +8 F & L, +6 DS, +4 R, 337 kg M, +0,07 % F, +0,02 % P and 2,79 SCS

Legacy still dominates our group of sires and he increases by 101 kg of Milk with the addition of 62 daughters. Dice, our Percent specialist, follows Legacy with equally good Mammary Systems (+8). There is no new proven sire in the Jersey breed but three Genomax sires are available: 200 JE 453 Hautpré Federer (Legacy x Fusion) GPA 1791, 200 JE 60 BW Renegade (Maximum x Centurion) GPA 1718, 200 JE 455 Molly Brook Uppercut (Militia x Action) GPA 1617.

Goldmine has increased his LPI for a second consecutive proof and is now at 1402. His improvement is due to an increase of 219 kg M, 7 kg F, 7 kg P and 2 points for type, which scores him at +10 for this trait.

CANADIENNE : No change.

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