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High-Producing Cows of All Breeds

CIAQ Trophy

High-Producing Cows of All Breeds

At the breed associations' annual general meetings, CIAQ presented the owners of those cows with the highest combined BCA's for 2009 with a plate to honour their animals' performances. To be eligible, the cows must have been sired by CIAQ sires and their owners must reside in Québec. This year, the winners were not only high-producing cows, but they also were long-time high-producing cows! Indeed, the Holstein and Brown Swiss winners totalled many lactations.  

The High-Producing Cows Are:

Karona Storm Alfa EX-91

9-8 305d 19,970 kg 979 4.9% 596 3.0%P
(408-544-385)   Combined BCA of 1,337
Pierre Caron, Plessisville 

Normand Renaud, General Manager,  presents the CIAQ Holstein trophy
to Pierre Caron (on the right).


Lapokita Fusion Nosy TB88
4-7 305d 13,948 kg 717 5.14% 507 3.63%P (448-419-430)  
Combined BCA of 1,297
C. Pelletier and P. Bard, Saint-Armand, J.LePage, Saint-Gabriel-de-Rimouski and Ferme Prés Verts, Saint-Gabriel-de-Rimouski

From left to right: Luc Deschêsne, Ferme Prés Verts, Paulin Bard and Caroline Pelletier with Mario Séguin.


Kildare Wilton Victoire TB85
3-11 305d 15,825 kg 727 4.6% 575 3.6%P (430-481-475)   Combined BCA of 1,386
Ferme Kildare inc., Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare

Hélène Drapreau, Assistant Director of Communications and Distribution and Head of Communications, presents the CIAQ Ayrshire trophy to Jean-François Simard of Ferme Kildare.



Brown Swiss
Gahilet Graham Derek BP83
7-0 305d 13,945 kg 496 3.6% 419 3.0%P (323-290-277)   Combined BCA of 890
Jeannot and Lise Desharnais, Chesterville

Mario Séguin, Assistant Director of Genetics and Head of Genetics Expertise, presents the CIAQ Brown Swiss trophy to Lise and Jeannot Desharnais.



De Tilly Nectar Sickness
2-5 305d 8,889 kg 388 4.4% 309 3.5%P (348-332-351)   Combined BCA of 1,031

Front Commun du Patrimoine Agricole du Québec, Lotbinière




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