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Passing of Starbuck II

Passing of Starbuck II

With the advent of genomics, cloning has lost a great deal of its appeal for the Semex Alliance and its partners and it is no longer a solution for the transmission of high genetics. Generating a clone requires at least 2 years. Also, Canadian regulations never allowed the marketing of cloned bull semen doses in the country.

Therefore, the Semex Alliance of which CIAQ is a shareholder decided to proceed with the cremation of the clone known as Hanoverhill Starbuck II on September 30, 2010, thus marking the end of cloning.

Starbuck II was born in Saint-Hyacinthe on September 7, 2000, as a result of joint efforts from CIAQ, L’Alliance Boviteq and the Faculté de médicine vétérinaire de l’Université de Montréal. Starbuck II had made its only public appearance this past summer at the Exposition agricole de Saint-Hyacinthe. Several visitors were impressed to see a 10 year old bull in such good shape.

 Starbuck II
at the 173nd
Expo de
in July 2010


Photos :

Patrick Deslandes,
Expo de Saint-Hyacinthe



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