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Proof Round Shows Dazzling Results


The best three Holsteins for GLPI are found at CIAQ/Semex Alliance
Gillette Jordan stays on top of the list with an LPI at +2712. Comestar Lauthority finishes in second place with a 253 point increase resulting from a production gain, while maintaining an exceptional +17 conformation score. Gillette Windbrook, an FBI x Blitz 2nd Wind son, joins the LPI list in 3rd place with a sensational GLPI of +2616, and ranks #1 in Canada with +20 in conformation.

In All, 8 New Proven Sires Bring Quality and Diversity

The newly added proven sires combine a GLPI average of 2023, +13 in conformation, +12 for mammary system, +10 for feet & legs and 106 for herd life. There is a variety of proof profiles and different sires with FBI, Laudan, Shottle, Salto and Goldwyn.

• 200HO3501 Gillette WINDBROOK (FBI x Blitz): 3rd in Canada with 2616 LPI, 80 kg Fat, +20 Conformation, +16 Mammary System, +16 Feet & Legs, +16 Dairy Strength, 102 Herd Life and 101 Milking Temperament

• 200HO5513 Favreautière GAILURON (Laudan x Igniter): 2263 LPI, 1697 kg Milk, 67 kg Protein, +8 Conformation, 106 Herd life, 2.81 SCS and 105 Daughter Calving Ability

• 200HO2197 Comestar LADNER (Goldwyn x Champion): 2142 LPI, 0.26% Fat, +14 Conformation, +13 Mammary System, +12 Feet & Legs, 108 Herd Life, 105 Daughter Fertility and 110 Calving Ability

• 200HO5549 Regancrest REGINALD (Goldwyn x Durham): 2114 LPI, +15 Conformation, +16 Mammary System, +10 Dairy Strength, 105 Herd Life, 102 Daughter Fertility and 100 Milking Temperament

• 200HO5658 Kildare LAKOTA (Goldwyn x Blitz): 2094 LPI, 1080 kg Milk, +14 Conformation, +15 Mammary System, +13 Feet & Legs, 111 Herd Life, 105 Daughter Fertility and 100 Milking Temperament

• 200HO2273 Diamonds-Oak SPLENDOR (Shottle x BW Marshall): 1905 LPI, 1642 kg Milk, 68 kg Fat, +10 Conformation, +10 Rump and 103 Herd Life

• 200HO2221 Misty Springs BENJAMIN-RED (Salto x Talent): 1562 LPI, 0.19% Fat, 0.11% Protein, +9 Conformation, +11 Mammary System, 108 Herd Life and 107 Calving Ability

• 200HO5663 Regancrest BALTIMOR (Shottle x Durham): 1489 LPI, 1313 kg Milk, +14 Conformation, +11 Mammary System, +14 Dairy Strength, +10 Rump, 104 Herd Life, 108 Daughter Calving Ability and 109 Milking Temperament

Many Star Sires Confirm Their Potential
This round was also characterized by an excellent stability among proven star sires, such as Alaska, Fever, Ashlar and Mr Burns, while Mr Sam sons numbers increased significantly: Pine-Tree Sid (Mr Sam x Finley) improves by 323 LPI points due to gains of 11kg of fat and protein and a gain of 1 point in conformation, making him 2nd in Canada with +19, while Stantons Steady takes advantage of a 184 points LPI increase.


The Hautpré BBK Karole family dominates the breed with Hautpré Kansas, a new sire ranking once again at the top of the list for a second consecutive year. Oblique, our most popular sire, increases by 1 point for type (+11) while Poker (+16) and Landscape (+7) increase by 2 points. The latter, brought back into service as of last August, has the second highest increase for LPI (+210) behind Reality (+237).

New sire:
200AY643 Hautpré Kansas (Peterslund x Pardner), our new #1:
LPI +2630, 1478 kg M, 0.28% F, 0.17% P, +2 Conf., +5 F & L, 110 HL, 2.85 SCS and 105 DF


Legacy still dominates our sire group, followed by Dice and On Time. Lencrest Tyler posted the largest increase for LPI, also adding 2 points in conformation. Minister still leads the breed for conformation with a +13 index. Our Jersey Genomax sire group now includes five sires; three of them are available in sexed semen.

Brown Swiss

Goldmine's LPI increases again (+1518), with scores of +10 for conformation and +11 for mammary system, making him 2nd of the breed.

New sire:
196 BS 13352 Vetsch’s Dentesso CAFINO (Dentesso x Camelot)
MLPI 1198, 827 kg M, 33 kg F, 40 kg P, +6 Conf., +8 RAH, +10 RAW, 2.83 SCS and 103 MS


Nectar (LPI at +1347) improves his LPI score by 200 points with increased production and herd life.


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