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Genetic Evaluations- April 2010

Quality, Variety and Specialty: Meet our New Sires!


The genetic evaluations of April combine the genetic potential of our seniors and the outstanding collection results from our newly-proven sires. Mr Burns remains among the best! The addition of more than 180 daughters and the improvement of his SCS pushed him up to the 7th place with his LPI at 2157! Aladdin’s second-crop daughters added 238 points to his LPI, now at 2069, and his F&L index has increased significantly to +3!
Six new sires are being returned to service. Among them is our best newly-tested sire with 2339 for LPI. His name is Canyon-Breeze Alaska. The best red carrier with a MACE proof is KHW Axion-Red with his MACE LPI at 2042. Oman sons remain at the top of our list: Manifold, with 2733 for LPI, reaches the “Top 10” of foreign sires with a MACE proof, while Eight ranks 5th for LPI with an increase of 213 points, bringing it to 2351.

Our Recruits Are:

  • 200HO2128 KHW AXION-RED (Marmax x Durham)
    2042 MACE LPI, 1,625 kg of milk, 77 kg of fat, 70 kg of protein, 6 feet & legs (upon request).
    Outcross pedigree. Get more for your milk! He is our second-best for fat yield!
  • 200HO0423 Canyon-Breeze ALASKA (Laudan x BW Marshall) 2039 LPI, 1,039 kg of milk, 10 mammary system, 106 herd life, 2.78 somatic cell score, 103 in daughter fertility.
    Best Laudan son. From the Allen family. Improves mammary systems. Gives productive and profitable cows!
  • 200HO2106 Stantons STEADY (Mr Sam x Convincer) 
    1784 LPI, 0.52% fat, 14 conformation, 10 mammary system, 11 feet & legs, 12 dairy strength, 105 herd life.
    Highest fat yield of all our sires! Very high conformation index. Among the best for body depth. 
  • 200HO5485 Regel BACHELOR (Laudan x Stormatic)
    1641 LPI, 12 conformation, 14 feet & legs, 11 dairy strength, 103 herd life, 2.82 somatic cell score, 109 milking temperament
    2nd for feet & legs. Lots of capacity and width. Cows made to withstand several lactations.
  • 200HO3488 Gillette WINDSTORM (Modest x Blitz)
    2,273 kg of milk, 10 conformation, 12 mammary system.
    Same family as Goldwyn and Final Cut. Rare combination. More than 2,000 kg of milk and conformation in the double digits! Exceptional mammary systems. Our best for udder texture (12), median suspensory (15) and rear attachment width (15).
  • 200HO5475 Sure-View AUDACITY-RED (Talent x BW Marshall)
    1413 LPI, 9 conformation, 9 mammary system, 10 rump, 108 herd life, 107 milking speed. Rump specialist. Our best for rear attachment height at 16. Productive cows with very good udders. Easy to milk. Calving ability.


 Magnetic Magda Alaska
Daughter of 
Canyon-Breeze ALASKA


Maplehill Steady Zaffra
Daughter of 
Stantons STEADY

Bonimel Arnette Bachelor
Daughter of


 M V Dina Windstorm
Daughter of


Daughter of
Ferme Kildare

Gen-I-Beq Mr Burns Bety
Daughter of

We will be having a promotional sale from April 7th to August 16, 2010, on semen from Mr Burns and on sexed semen from Baroque. Interested? Please call your CIAQ representative.
We are returning elite sires to service in order to continue to meet the many different breeding objectives of our clients, whether they want high production, above-average conformation, very high indexes in health traits or outstanding red carriers. In complement, we offer the always-evolving Genomax line sure to please all our clients. 


To complete our elite proven sire group, many new sires of superior genomic parent averages have been added to our Genomax sire line-up: Wabash-Way Evolve-ET (Bolton x Shottle), 3091 LPI, Hendel Mischief-ET (Bolton x Shottle), 2821 LPI, De-Su Jockey-ET (Stol Joc x Oman), 2679 LPI, Gillette Stanleycup (Bolton x Blitz), 2618 LPI, Gillette Bigrain (Onward Bolton), 2578 LPI, De-Su Bowman (Baxter x Oman), 2554 LPI and Chartoise Satisfaction-ET *RDC (Mr Burns x Durham), 2400 LPI.
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