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BUCKEYE: CIAQ's 11th Millionnaire Sire!

BUCKEYE: CIAQ's 11th Millionnaire Sire!

R-E-W Buckeye (200HO04779) has recently reached the Millionnaire status! He joins ten other CIAQ elite sires who have each produced over one million doses of semen.

Buckeye is now part of the elite in the dairy industry that includes Ladino Park Talent *RDC, Hanoverhill Inspiration, Madawaska Aerostar, Startmore Rudolph, Comestar Lee, Leader, Outside, Lheros, Stouder Morty, and Oliveholme Aeroline. Each of these sires combine genetics, production, sales and customer demand.

Proven in August 2005 through the USA Premier™ Young Sire Program, Buckeye’s popularity was instantaneous. One of the world’s most popular BW Marshall sons, he ranked 4th for TPI. In February 2006, he climbed to #2 for TPI and became #1 for LPI. This sire now commands international respect for his desirable production, solid type and in-demand health traits.

Buckeye’s daughters have high productions, exceptional feet & legs, great calving ease and low somatic cell scores. They are known for mobility and flatness of bone. Their tremendous udders are silky, very well-attached and designed to produce large volumes of milk.

Type, production, calving ease and long-lasting: breeders just love Buckeye daughters! These are problem-free cows who increase profits.


Jessie and Favreautière Ginger VG85, a Buckeye daughter who produced more than 13,000 kg of milk in first lactation. Ferme Faveau et Fils inc., Sainte-Christine


Nicolas (left) and Sylvain Landry with four Buckeye daughters, a sire they greatly appreciate. Ferme Lansi, Saint-Alber

Because he meets the needs of breeders all over the world, his semen has been sold in over 50 countries with the USA, Japan, Canada and Spain each buying well over 100,000 doses. Buckeye symbolizes our commitment to offer exceptional sires to complement your herd.

Our 11th Millionaire Sire, Buckeye, is the living proof that our testing program works everywhere! 


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