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Semex Millionaire Sire Stouder Morty Passes Away

Semex Millionaire Sire Stouder Morty Passes Away

Semex regrets to inform that one of its Millionaire Sires, 0200HO00044 Stouder Morty has passed away. A Formation son from an Aerostar dam, Morty made his debut in February 2002 and remained a dominant force on the top rankings for several years. Known to transmit the 'complete package', Morty’s daughters are powerful, upstanding individuals stamped with extremely high and wide rear udders with an incredible will to milk.

"Morty sires cows that dairymen everywhere appreciate," says Pierre Laliberté, Semex Alliance Senior Vice President, Genetics & Research. "His daughters work hard in every environment, making him one of our most popular sires available today. His sons are now beginning to make their mark. We have over a dozen of his proven sons in our lineup, offering many of the same traits that made Morty so popular."

Morty's daughters have been known as high producers with terrific udders and feet & legs that are structurally correct, long-lasting cows. With nearly 65,000 daughters in his TPI production record and over 40,000 in his TPI type proof, this 99% reliability sire still delivers strong production with solid, durable type. In Canada alone, Morty has 23,473 daughters classified with 62% GP or better and 26,144 daughters with an average of 11,763 3.6 % 418 3.1 % 359 P kgs.

Since his first proof, his semen has been exported to countries worldwide, with the most popular being Canada, the USA, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, South Africa, Brazil, Korea, Colombia, Iran and Italy.


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