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2009 CIAQ Annual Report

Our Success Lies with our Employees

Evolution. Passion. Vision.

Saint-Hyacinthe. April 28, 2010 – At Centre d’insémination artificielle du Québec (CIAQ), the last decade was ended with the arrival of genomics, a technological breakthrough that brings new perspectives on genetic improvement which will benefit all bovine breeders of all breeds. CIAQ successfully adapted to this important change.

During the presentation of the 2009 Annual Report, Mr. Guy Lavoie, Chairman of the CIAQ Board of Directors, stated that CIAQ is ready to face the challenges and changes Year 2010 will bring and that he is confident CIAQ, with its teams, would be as successful in this endeavour as it was in 2009.

In his speech, Normand Renaud, CIAQ’s General Manager, stated that, the genetic industry’s 2009 onward thrust brought changes and that genomics, and particularly its swift adoption by producers, forced CIAQ to adapt to this current. It did so successfully, thanks to the implication and efforts its employees put in vulgarizing, informing on and promoting its new product line.

Adding that a corporate culture takes root in its employees, Mr. Renaud said he could not help linking this to the survey that took place at the beginning of the year. He went on to say that it revealed a high percentage of respondents, 82%, had expressed a 78% overall satisfaction with the enterprise and that 90% said they are proud to work at CIAQ, they like their work and the enterprise has a good reputation among its clients.

Mr. Renaud continued by saying that while CIAQ’s success is attributable to the work of its employees, the privileged relationships it has with its Québec partners is also an important factor. He added that whether with Synergie or the Trans-D program or with the 5,500 barn signs with the messages “CIAQ works in our herd” or “CIAQ works here”, CIAQ was able to count on the help and cooperation of the CP CAB, the breed associations and Valacta in the realization of its projects. He also mentioned that keeping clients’ loyalty is a CIAQ on-going process, but that by joining forces, as we do so well in Québec, CIAQ has a head start.

Mr. Renaud concluded by summing up the year financially and said that, all things considered, 2009 was quite acceptable. In 2009, CIAQ’s operating income, before semen loyalty bonuses, was $1,100,200 compared to $721,400 in 2008. Although sales were down, lower operating expenses, higher investment income, and a lower amount for A.I. loyalty bonuses (now included in the price of A.I. when using a CIAQ sire) contributed to the CIAQ results.

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A New Chairman

During his speech, Mr. Lavoie announced he was retiring as Chairman of the Board of Directors after being at the helm for three years. He thanked the Board members for their confidence and wished to praise their determination to have the enterprise move forward. Next year, Mr. Lavoie will be on the Board as a Director. During the presentation of the 2009 Annual Report earlier, the members of the Board of Directors, unchanged for 2010-2011, had appointed Serge Blanchette as Chairman. A CIAQ Director since 2006, and a Director at Conseil québécois des races laitières (CQRL) inc. for seven years, Mr. Blanchette, co-owner of Ferme Richard Blanchette et fils inc. in La Présentation, brings extensive experience having been on various boards, namely at Holstein Canada, Holstein Québec, the Canadian Dairy Network and Valacta. He will be assisted by Guy Lavoie, as 1st Vice-Chairman, and Normand Barriault, as 2nd Vice-Chairman. The CIAQ Board of Directors welcomes its new Chairman!

Board of directors of the Centre d'insémination artificielle du Québec (CIAQ) 2010-2011
Chairman Serge Blanchette, Conseil québécois des races laitières inc.
1st Vice-chairman Guy Lavoie, Conseil provincial des CAB inc.
2nd Vice-chairman Normand Barriault, Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec
Fédération des producteurs
de lait du Québec
Conseil québécois
des races laitières inc.
Daniel Côté
Pierre Thibault
Gary Bowers
Léonard Chabot
Conseil provincial des CAB inc.
external Membres
François Gauthier
Alphonse Pittet
Mario Hébert
Orance Mainville

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