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Whichever Breeding you Have, Our Sires Are Sure to Meet Your Expectations!

The highlights of the April proof round: (1) new sires with different pedigrees, (2) confirmation of the high genetic potential of the sires we returned to service in January and (3) the first-ever Canadian genomic evaluations in the Jersey breed.


The April proof round asserts the high genetic potential of the sires we returned to service last January. Percy ’s LPI has increased by 542 points, making him Top Sire on our proof sheet. He also exceeds the breed standards in production with 2,126 kg of milk (No. 1 in the breed, no less!) with 82 kg Fat and 73 kg Protein. Jelyca Oblique keeps confirming his star potential with a score for conformation in the double digits and an increase of almost 100 kg in milk, bringing his production to 938 kg! Chaluka Kilowatt makes his debut on our sire list with a high profile in conformation and in health traits.


200AY613 Chaluka Kilowatt (Tradition x Dropstad)
LPI 1640,
727 kg M, 15 kg F, 30 kg P,
11 conf, 9 MS, 13 F/L, 8 DS,
107 HL and 101 DF

Du Bosquet Kilowatt Casta TB85-2A
Ferme Caron et Fils inc., Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, QC


The official genomic evaluations in the Jersey breed were published in April for the first time ever in Canada! Despite the small number of animals in this breed in our country, the genomic evaluations still brought interesting results in reliability gains, particularly where young bulls and first lactation cows are concerned. Even with few daughters, proven sires have shown a small increase in reliability. From now on, Canadian Jersey breeders will be able to profit from genomic evaluations and thus enter this new era of evolution.

Dice's LPI has jumped 87 points! He has also gained 3 points in conformation and 2 points for mammary systems! He is No.2 on our proof sheet, following Legacy. Joining his maternal brothers Blackstone and On Time, Lencrest Tyler-ET, a son of Laser, has made his debut on our proof sheet.


200JE142 Lencrest Tyler-ET (Laser x Declo)
LPI 1108,
385 kg M, 0.21% F, 0.15% P
8 conf., 8 MS, 5 F/L, 11 DS, 8 R

JNJ Tyler Olympia TB87-2A
Gary et Maureen Bowers, Coaticook, QC


Brown swiss

Goldmine, our new sire from the January genetic evaluations, has increased his LPI to 1208 and he now ranks 4th. While maintaining his high genetic potential in conformation, he also increases his production as well as his health and fertility traits.


Érables Dancer Expo, still leader of the breed with his LPI at 2023, has also increased his index in conformation by one point. Mon Paradis Prest Mister now ranks 3rd, having increased his milk production by 8 kg and his conformation index by one point.


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