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ADMIRAL, new #1 Sire in Canada

Five daughters
of the new

#1 sire in Canada,

The genetic evaluations are marked by the coming of two promising and awaited Goldwyn sons: Smithden Admiral and Comestar Lavanguard. With 2536 points LPI, Admiral finishes in first place in Canada, while Lavanguard, who was on the Genomax list, proved his quality with +16 in conformation and +18 for feet & legs. Another excellent Goldwyn son, Kilobyte, is among the top 20 LPI sires at 2120.
In addition to Gillette Windbrook, his very popular first son who still ranks among the best, FBI confirms his potential as a sire of sons by adding two outstanding sons to his proof sheet:

  • Charpentier LFG SPECTRUM (FBI X Talent) : He is the best red carrier newly proven at 1940 LPI, in second place behind the veteran Mr Burns. His complete profile includes 1537 kg of milk and +14 in conformation.
  • Geno MARITIME (FBI x Stormatic) : at 1928 LPI, he combines high production numbers (1789 kg of milk) with excellent feet & legs (+12).
In short, the five newly proven sires show an average of 2059 LPI, 1379 kg of milk, 58 kg of fat, 45 kg of protein and +13 in conformation.

Quality and Stability
Our top proven sires remain among the best:
  • Sailing shows the most impressive LPI increase (+204 points) on his proof sheet, now reaching 2360 due to the addition of 20 daughters in production. He also improves his numbers, adding 278 kg of milk, 10 kg of fat and 8 kg of protein. While adding 40 daughters in conformation, he remains at +15
  • Lauthority remains among the best in Canada at 2346 LPI and at +17 in conformation
  • Windbrook adds 17 daughters in conformation and maintains his score at +17
  • Fever keeps improving with 1 more point in conformation at +17, with 2207 LPI 
  • Steady improves his LPI once again, adding 176 points
  • Sid remains #1 in conformation at +18 

Our Genomax Sires: a Great Investment!
  • The addition of 5 fantastic sires, all above 3000 GPA LPI
  • On the Genomax sheet, an average of 2946 LPI, 93 kg of fat, 71 kg of protein and +12 in conformation
  • A price-quality ratio which improves on an ongoing basis: only $12.30 per 1,000 LPI points


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