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New Attractive Sires in Ayrshire and Jersey Breeds


Three daughters

of Dreamer


Thanks to an LPI increase, Oblique moves up from #10 to #6 LPI in Canada! Already a specialist for feet & legs, he also increases his score by one point at +19. Kansas adds one more conformation point, while Normandin and Poker confirm their solid profiles and potential, adding 144 and 174 second generation daughters, respectively.

Moreover, our proof sheet keeps improving with the addition of three new sires which will address the needs of all breeders:

An Absolute must for production!

200AY00651 La Sapinière CACYBO (Herman x B Jurist)?#15 LPI at +1744, 989 kg Milk, 45 kg Fat, 41 kg Protein, +5 Conformation, +7 Feet & Legs, +7 Mammary System, 101 Herd Life  

The perfect balance!

200AY00659 Kamouraska MANDARIN  (Dilligent x Jerry) at +1701 LPI, 837 kg Milk, 41 kg Fat, 33 kg Protein, +8 Conformation, +8 Dairy Stength, +7 Feet & Legs, +12 Angularity, 105 Herd Life, 2.71 Somatic Cells

Plenty of conformation!

200AY00652 Nexus DREAMER  (Calimero x Tradition)?1630 LPI, +800 kg Milk, +27 kg Fat, +24 kg Protein, +14 Conformation, +12 Dairy Strength, +13 Mammary System, +8 Feet & legs, 103 Herd Life, 103 Daughter Fertility




Three I POD

The most exciting Jersey news is that two new proven sires are ranking among the top 5 GLPI sires: Unique VS Habit (Rocket x Remake) ranked fourth while Lencrest I Pod (Iatola x Parade) came in fifth place. Legacy makes a comeback on top of our proof sheet at +1675 LPI, followed closely by Dice who steadily improves fat and protein yields with +0.81% and +0.40% deviations, respectively. On Time maintains his very well-balanced proof while our conformation leader, Minister, increases his GLPI by 105 points.

The Best New Proven Sire in Canada

200JE0335 Unique VS HABIT (Rocket x Remake) ?#4 GLPI at +1545, 787 kg Milk, 62 kg (+0.35%) Fat, 39 kg (+0.15%) Protein, +8 Conformation, +6 Mammary System, +8 Dairy Strength, +10 Rump, 102 Daughter Fertility  

Stepping in the Spotlight

200JE0446 Lencrest I POD (Iatola x Parade)?#5 GLPI at +1509, 556 kg Milk, 48 kg (+0.31%) Fat, 36 kg (+0.21%) Protein, +8 Conformation, +8 Mammary System, +7 Feet & Legs, +10 Median Suspensory, +9 Rear Attachment Width, 74% Semen Fertility

Suisse Brune

Proud (Precise x Jetway) improves his proof even more: +1971 MACE LPI, +420 kg Milk, 29 kg Fat, 46 kg Protein, +7 Conformation, +10 Mammary System, +6 Dairy Strenght, 102 Herd Life, 110 Milking Speed. Ferrari (Dynasty x Prelude) benefits from a huge 370 point rise. He increases his proof numbers both in conformation and in production, all while improving his health traits:1292 LPI, 681 kg Milk, 26 kg Fat, 32 kg Protein, +5 Conformation, +4 Mammary System, +6 Rump, 107 Herd Life, 3.01 Somatic Cell Score, 107 Daughter Calving Ability.


A young promising sire for December, 200CN00300 Acton Rubis Simon (Rubis x Energika), will be available in the zones for breeders. His current parent average is very attractive: 753 PA LPI, +8 Conformation, +5 Mammary System, +7 Feet & Legs


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