As Ever!




Get Rolling with CIAQ!

Get Rolling with CIAQ!

This second edition of our promotion Ça roule avec le CIAQ was eagerly awaited by breeders. Many of them earned rebates up to 50% on the price of their semen orders (10 doses or more) made during those two events.

Twenty-five clients had the lucky touch and obtained a 50% rebate on their order, while 39 clients saw the price of their order reduced by 25%. A total of 3,500 semen doses were sold with an average of 16% off, added to existing discounts.

The most popular sires were WindbrookFever and Lauthority in the Holstein breed, Dreamer (see article on Dreamer) and Landscape in the Ayrshire breed, Swat and Goldmine in the Jersey and Brown Swiss breeds, respectively.


Thanks to all breeders who visited us this spring in the CIAQ ZONE!


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