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Winners of the CIAQ Trophy

At the recent CAB meetings, CIAQ high production certificates were presented to the owners of cows that came from CIAQ's sires and showed a combined BCA of 950 or more during 305 days in lactation.

In the Holstein breed, 331 certificates were awarded, 62 in the Ayrshire breed, 5 in the Jersey breed and 2 in the Canadienne breed. Among these cows, 43% reached a combined BCA of 1000 or more. With 43 certificates, Goldwyn was the most represented Holstein sire. See the complete list

CIAQ also presented a plate to breeders who own cows with the highest combined BCA for the breed in honour of their achievements:


Hautpré Calimero Karolane-ET
3-11 BCA (401-426-418)  1245
Daughter of Margot Calimero
Denis Masse, Louiseville



Pages Gouverneur Lulu
7-0 BCA (367-456-353) 1176
Daughter of Brunet Tradition Gouverneur
Front commun du patrimoine agricole du Québec, Lotbinière


Raphaëlle Lemay presents the trophy to Jean-François Simard who accepts it on behalf of Denis Masse



Marcel Choinière and Raphaëlle Lemay present the trophy to Félix Lemay



Glenrapha Bernice
8-2  BCA (378-552-364)   1294
Daughter of Comestar Outside

Ferme Syma Holstein enr., Sainte-Élisabeth



Champte Tyler Greace
2-5  BCA (404-332-363)   1099
Daughter of Lencrest Tyler
Ferme François Champagne enr., Acton Vale


Normand Renaud presents the trophy to Sylvain Lambert



The owners of Ferme François Champagne enr. with  Champte Tyler Greace


Brown Swiss

Pauferlou Fortune Pella
4-4  BCA (309-287-281)   877
Daughter of Swiss Dream Colby
Ferme Pauferlou inc., Pohénégamook

Photo : Mathieu Désy presents the trophy to the owner of Ferme Pauferlou inc.



Congratulations to the owners of these high producing cows!


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