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April Genetic Evaluations

New Sires to Meet your Needs

The CIAQ Proof Sheet Offers More than Ever the Best Price-Quality Ratio on the Market

The April 2011 genetic evaluations are characterized by a rolling base adjustment. The Holstein breed improved by 141 LPI points, 2 kg of fat and 1 point in conformation, while the LPI improvements for the colored breeds are 114 points (Jersey), 133 points (Ayrshire) and 78 points (Brown Swiss).


  • Windbrook and Lauthority remain at the top of the LPI list, respectively 2nd and 3rd. Windbrook, with an addition of 39 daughters, increases his daughter fertility from 94 to 99. He now ranks #2 in Canada at +17 for conformation
  • Lauthority, in spite of the rolling base adjustment and the addition of 26 daughters, remains at +17 for conformation while improving its daughter fertility from 101 to 102
  • Sid reaches the top of the list for conformation at +18

Jordan keeps the same profile at 2261 for LPI, +13 for conformation, and is still one of the best available sires, especially for SCS (2.61) and HL (111).

All Sorts of Good News

The following newly proven young sires show an average of 2030 for LPI, 1657 kg of milk, 62 kg of fat, 54 kg of protein, +11 for conformation and 104 for herd life. At $18.71 per 1000 LPI points, their price-quality ratio is exceptional. This variety of profiles includes two full brothers (Goldwyn x Morty) with LPI’s above 2000 and two Shottle sons that are health specialists with strong productions.

  • 200HO5611 Premier-Kerndt SAILING (Goldwyn x Morty): 2168 LPI, 1594 kg Milk, 88 kg Fat, +15 Conformation, +11 Mammary Systems, +17 Dairy Strength, 17 Angularity and 102 Calving Ability
  • 200HO5660 Dudoc RADIUS (Shottle x Jolt): 2072 LPI, 1917 kg Milk, 60 kg Protein, +7 Feet & Legs, 108 Herd Life, 101 Daughter Fertility and 108 Milking Temperament
  • 200HO5548 Kerndt-Premier BUTZE (Goldwyn x Morty) : 2013 LPI, 68 kg Fat, +11 Conformation, 102 Herd Life, 109 Milking Speed and 107 Calving Ability
  • 200HO5655 Delaberge SHOCKER (Shottle x Durham): 1862 LPI, 1529 kg Milk, +12 Conformation, +12 Mammary System, +10 Rump, 108 Herd Life, 2.64 SCS, 102 Daughter Fertility and 66% Semen Fertility

Many Top Proven Sires Confirm Their Potential

The following sires presented the highest increases:

• Addition of 12 daughters
• Improves by 110 LPI points with an additional 11 kg of fat
• SCS lowered at 2.64 and DF improved at 103, which confirm its domination for overall functional traits

• Addition of 30 daughters in conformation and remains at +15
• A great semen choice with a 66% fertility rate and daughter fertility at 103

• Addition of 16 daughters
• Improves by 84 LPI points with an additional 4 kg of fat
• Slight improvement for Health & Fertility

Mr Burns
• Addition of 1031 daughters
• Improves by 155 LPI points and DF increases from 94 to 99



Landscape continues to rise. For a second consecutive proof, Landscape increases its LPI to become one of the top sires breeders should use in their herd, as well as Kansas with its one-point increase in conformation. Normandin scored the highest increase of all sires on our proof sheet with the addition of 148 second-crop daughters.


Dice ranks at the top of our proof sheet with +1694 GLPI points, followed by Legacy. On Time, with a slight increase, maintains its well-babanced proof. Minister remains the leader in conformation at +12.

200JE469 Estran Random (Legacy x Blackstone) joins our group of five Jersey Genomax sires, two of which are available in sexed semen (Uppercut and Vincent).
Two newly proven Sultan sons are added to our offer in the Jersey breed:

200JE148 Bridon Swat (Sultan x Remake)
LPI 1209, +0.76% F, +0.06%P, +7 Conf., +8 MS, 105 HL, 2.77 SCS et 104 CA

200JE327 Hollylane Emblem (Sultan x Jade)
LPI 1026, 359 kg M, +0,21% F, +0,10% P, +7 Conf., +7 MS, 102 HL, 102 DF

Suisse Brune

Two Newcomers, Proud and Ferrari:

196BS14987 HAAB Top-Swiss Prec. PROUD (Precise x Jetway)
MLPI 1771, 322 kg M, 25 kg F, 42 kg P, +7 Conf., +11 MS, +11 RAW, +5 DT et 108 MSP

200BS00408 Swiss Fantasy FERRARI (Dynasty x Prelude)
LPI 922, 574 kg M, 19 kg F, 29 kg P, +3 Conf., +3 MS, +4 F&L, 103 HL, 103 MSP et 107 CA



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