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The Expo Season Begins in Style

Holstein Quebec Spring Show, 34th edition, April 27-28, 2011

 Visitors to the CIAQ Zone    Red & White Championship Winners   Ferme Blondin and CIAQ came 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Breeders were able to view large photos of our sire daughters displayed in CIAQ's stands and also to take advantage of our promotion to earn between 5% and 50% in instant rebates on their semen orders. (See A successful Promotion)

Ferme Laitière Blondin Inc. and CIAQ Won the First Three Places!
Bearing the Blondin prefix, the three champions are part of CIAQ's sire progeny. The Grand Champion, much appreciated by the judge, is Rockymountain Talent Licorice, with two Goldwyn daughters finishing second and third. Goldwyn, the best sire of the day, shows an impressive score of 409 points. Also, a daughter of Goldwyn out of Thrulane James Rose was sold for $31,000, the highest price obtained during the previous day's sale! The judge has seen a total of 80 Red & White cows, among which Cyrmo Mr Burns Rainbow was crowned Grand Champion while Micheret Gigi Salto received the Honorable Mention. Mr Burns was the best sire of the day.

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International Dairy Showcase, 8th edition, April 14 15, 2011

 Visitors to the CIAQ Zone     The Ayrshire Grand Champion
Des Prairies Patsy
   The Brown Swiss Grand Champion Anfield Rita Ferrari

Once again this year, CIAQ repeated its campaign "Avec le CIAQ, ça roule" to give the chance to breeders to spin the lucky wheel and earn between 5% and 50% in instant rebates on their semen orders (see A successful Promotion). Also, CIAQ had made a  committment to give a share of the overall semen sale amount—and of the Ayrshire sire DREAMER in particular—for cancer research. (See Over $1,300 for Cancer Research Thanks to Dreamer)

Poker was declared Best Junior Sire in the Ayrshire junior category, after his daughters' outstanding performance. The daughters of Calimero also stood out, among others, Des Prairies Patsy won the Grand Championship.

In the case of the 103 Jersey cows presented, the daughters of Sultan and Minister did well. Audibel Sultan Judy was proclaimed Reserve Grand Champion, Lencrest Minnie’s Delight (Minister) was declared Honorable Mention and Blackstone was chosen Best Junior Sire. As for Morastar Senior Jasmine, she was sold for $6,200, the best price of "Vente Fondation Jersey".

Finally, CIAQ sires came in first, second and third in the Brown Swiss Championship which took place during the 2011 National Convention. Anfield Rita Ferrari, from Ferme Mathis et Fils and daughter of the newly proven sire Ferrari, won the Grand Championship. The Reserve Champion and Honorable Mention titles were earned by two daughters of Decker.

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