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Prix Claude-Hayes

Saint-Hyacinthe, April 27, 2011 – The names of the 2011 recipients of the Prix Claude-Hayes were unveiled during the annual CIAQ ceremony which was chaired by Serge Blanchette, with General Manager Normand Renaud and guests in attendance. Prix Claude-Hayes, created in 2009 for the celebration of CIAQ's 60th anniversary, recognizes those who contributed to the evolution and the reputation of the enterprise.

The two  recipients are Yvon St-Pierre, a Holstein Master Breeder and partner of Ferme St-Pierre et Fils located in Rimouski, and Joseph Gendron, a dairy producer and Holstein breeding pioneer in the Montmagny area. A description of their contribution is presented at the bottom of this page. 

Joseph Gendron, recipient of Prix Claude-Hayes, with Serge Blanchette, Chairman of CIAQ
(left) and Normand Renaud, General Manager (right).

      Yvon St-Pierre, recipient of Prix Claude-Hayes, 
with Serge Blanchette, Chairman of CIAQ (left) and Normand Renaud, General Manager (right).

CIAQ Board of Directors, its Management, personnel and their guests were honoured to greet Mr. Saint Pierre and Mr. Gendron on the occasion.

These personalities are a remarkable source of inspiration for all CIAQ personnel, encouraging them to always offer the best service Québec breeders are entitled to expect.

The award was named after Claude Hayes, an agrologist and former CIAQ General Manager (1967-1982). Mr. Hayes devoted his entire career to artificial insemination. His leadership and dynamism contributed to the development of CIAQ activities throughout Canada and the world. Mr. Hayes was also a member of the CIAQ Board of Directors for 10 years.

Recipients of the Third Edition of Prix Claude-Hayes

Yvon St-Pierre

The Prix Claude-Hayes group is enhanced with the arrival of Mr. Yvon St-Pierre, a Holstein Master Breeder and partner of Ferme St-Pierre et Fils located in Rimouski. Always proud of the results obtained with CIAQ sires, Mr. St-Pierre is a strong supporter of CIAQ's Young Sire Proving Program.

Among the cows that have contributed to the fame of the Cotopierre herd, many are from CIAQ sires. During the 1990s, while Startmore Rudolf left his mark on herds throughout the world, the Cotopierre herd breeded no less than 50 daughters from this sire of which nine were scored VG-2Y on the same day.

As a member of CIAQ’s Board of Directors from 1995 to 1999, Mr. St-Pierre is proud to have participated to the transfer of CIAQ to Québec breeders, an orientation that breeders are still delighted with today. President of his CAB and a Holstein Québec director from 1991 to 1998, he shared his knowledge and passion for bovine genetics by getting involved with these institutions which work together with CIAQ. He is also a respected judge at provincial and international levels, which allowed him to promote his herd as well as CIAQ's products associated to his success and expertise. He has always been greatly involved in his circle. He has been director, president and auction manager of Club Holstein du Bas-Saint-Laurent for many years as well as municipal councillor. Mr. St-Pierre is currently president of the comité consultatif agricole de la MRC de Rimouski-Neigette.

Whether it is on the farm or during local and international shows, sharing his knowledge and bringing help to anyone has always been very important for him. This great ambassador of Quebec bovine genetics has spread his role of leadership in many organizations in the industry, such as CIAQ, CAB and Holstein Québec, all while actively taking part in his peers' success.

Throughout his career, he has been awarded several prizes, titles and mentions for his achievements. He received the Master Breeder title twice, in 1988 and 2001, an ultimate reward recognizing his contribution to the industry. His outstanding judge career was recently recognized through the awarding of Holstein Québec's Jean Touchette prize. He also received the Pierre Léonard Trophy in 1999, which was awarded during the Holstein Québec Spring Show to recognize a most influential Holstein personality.

As a way to recognize Mr. St-Pierre’s achievements as well as the excellence of his work in promoting bovine genetics and providing quality services to breeders, CIAQ is proud to award the 2011 Prix Claude-Hayes to Mr. Yvon St-Pierre.

Joseph Gendron

The third edition of Prix Claude-Hayes recognizes the implication of Mr. Joseph Gendron in CIAQ's growth. This Holstein breeding pioneer in the Montmagny area works along with his spouse and daughters at the Gendron ancestral farm. Proud of CIAQ's expertise and contribution to the Québec breeding industry, he has always been a user and promoter of CIAQ products and young sire proving program which he sees as "one of the right tools for his herd's genetic improvement".

Several cows from Ferme Montmagny have been PEP ambassadors, especially Comestar Stormatic daughters, which were part of demonstration groups and of which one was among the first EX daughters from this sire.

Mr. Gendron's involvement in promoting breeding began early. Not long after the creation of Club Holstein Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska, Joseph Gendron acted as secretary, a duty he carried out for 23 years. He participated in many local, regional and provincial agricultural shows, thus communicating his passion for breeding.

Joseph Gendron was one of the key people in CIAQ's evolution and acquisition by breeders. He first was his local CAB's representative and president of Conseil provincial des CAB for four years. When CIAQ was bought by breeders in 1999, marking a milestone in the company’s history, he was the only breeder to sign the documents. He was a member of the Board of Directors for five years and of the first executive committee of CIAQ, owned by Québec breeders. He has also been active in various committees such as COSMI (Comité d’orientation des stratégies de mise en marché), the Holstein genetic committee and the CIAQ Inc. ad hoc management committee on the Semex Alliance.

A great artificial insemination promoter and CIAQ advocate, he never hesitated to get involved into various organizations or in favour of the regional agricultural cause. He was director of the Société d'agriculture de Montmagny for over 20 years, including four years as president. He has also been a member and director of Coopérative agricole de Montmagny.

A man of passion, conviction and opinion, Joseph Gendron took part in one of the most striking moments in CIAQ's history and evolution. Both CIAQ and all Québec bovine breeders owe him a great deal. For his personal involvement and important achievements, we are pleased to acknowledge his contribution to CIAQ success by awarding him the Prix Claude-Hayes.


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