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Invitation to cow-calf producers

Invitation to cow-calf producers

CIAQ is pleased to invite you to a free training session on reproduction and genetics..

Lunch will be offered, courtesy of CP CAB. Drawing of AI credits.



Program :

•    Anatomy and physiology of the cow reproductive system
•    Hormones and their functions
•    Heats
•    AI success keys
•    AI benefits for the commercial producer
•    EPD’s interpretation in a simple language
•    Crossbreeding: Why? How? Which breeds?
•    Strategy to get low cost cows and performing calves
•    Polled, horned, scurred… how does it work?
•    Synchronization: different protocols for different situations
•    Presentation of the 2012 sire catalogue

No matter if you use AI or not, we hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity.
We will be in your area soon:


January 19 




 Salle Guy Veilleux


 819 769-0154

January 20 




 Complexe Dupré


 819 314-7025

January 24 


 Lac St-Jean


 Salle L’Oasis


 418 544-0065

January 25 




 Resaurant La Barbaque


 418 935-3137

January 26 




 Bar L’exit


 418 935-3137

February 1




 Pizzeria Mont-Laurier


 819 587-3989

February 2


 in English


 Hurstis Bar and Grill


 819 587-3989

Febuary 6


 in English




 819 769-0154

Week of Febuary 20




 to come


 819 732-6750

March 6




 to come


 418 286-6068


Places are limited, so register today!


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