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Three new proven sires in Brown Swiss breed!

200BS00002 Olson Millenium (Zeus x Brinks)

Best young sire in 3rd place for LPI in Canada at +1495

Very pleasing deviations (+0.22% F and 0.10% P)

Quality MS at +9 (+8 Udder Texture, +7 Fore Attachment, +8 Rear Attachment Height)

High Health & Fertility profile

Available in the zones


Two new Swissgenetics sires complete our offer:


196BS16092 Alder’s Wagor Nelgor (Wagor x Cowboy)

+1773 MACE LPI

Important milk volume (+1182 kg)

+8 Conformation (+12 MS)

Wide rumps (+8)

What a complete profile!

196BS15551 Hänny Swiss Etvei Wermont (Etvei x Eagle)

An outcross sire in Canada

+10 Conformation

Lots of strength (+12 Stature, +14 Chest Width, +14 Body Depth)

107 DV

Among other proven sires, Ferrari's LPI decreases while all other sires remain stable.

 Milec Millenium Cleo VG85-2Y
 Blanca GP82-2Y, 
Nelgor's daughter in Switzerland 

 Patrice GP84-2Y, 
Wermont's daughter 
in Switzerland


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