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Ayrshire and Jersey

A harvest of 4 newly proven Ayrshire sires and one Jersey


200AY00699 Kamouraska DECAF (Jupiter x Peterslund)

Decaf an Immunity+ sire hits the top of the Semex Ayrshire lineup. He is from one of the most interesting families of the breed and is a maternal brother to Kamouraska Rockstar, by Kildare Jupiter. Decaf is a production specialist as he is one of the top proven bulls in all production traits.

Decaf daughters display the will to work as they have average dairy fames and functional udders. He will make an ideal mating for the many daughters of Jelyca Oblique in the population today.
Decaf will also be a health trait specialist excelling for herd life, milking temperament and low somatic cell score.


D'Albanel Folio GP83-2YR


200AY00701 D’Albanel JURASSIC  (Jupiter x Cooper)


Jurassic is a maternal brother to Marlow by Kildare Jupiter. Marilie Copper Mylla has transmited her great traits to her two sons. Jurassic daughters are dairy framed cows with excellent udders and have superb feet&legs. Jurassic is still an outcross for many bloodlines in the population today.

Du Bosquet Jurassic Cassie NC

200AY00693 La Sapinière CACYKED (Edmour x Poker)

From the great Cacy family, Cacyked is a son of St-Clement Edmour from a first crop daughter of Des Chamois Poker. Cacyked excels in conformation traits while keeping a balance on production. Cacyked daughters are strong and dairy with excellent feet & legs. They have tremendous rump structure and functional udders. Use Cacyked on cows that have low somatic cell score but need improvement in strength and feet & legs.

Guimond Cacyked Elsy VG85-2YR

200AY00922 Palmyra BET ON ME  (Poker x Jerry)

From the famous Bethany family at Palmyra, Bet On Me is the #1 proven bull from the Semex North American Genetics offering. He is also a full brother to the popular Genomax sire Palmyra Bingo. This Poker son offers and very balanced proof for production and conformation. Bet On Me daughters are average sized cows with tremendous feet & legs. They also have great textured well attached udders.  Bet on Me will work well on larger cows who need refinement.

Plein Soleil Bet On Me Jerrica GP84-2YR


Among the top 20 of the race for LPI:

200 JE 00352 Hometown ON THE MONEY  (On Time x Counciller)


For daughters with outstanding type scores, powerful cows with excellent feet and legs combined with an exceptional mammary system, without compromising milk yields.
LPI: 1442  Milk: 667 kg, +31 kg F, +28 kg P
Conf., +8,  MS+6, FL +6, DS+10, Rump +9,
Balanced health traits

Will be available in sexed semen

Santschi Money Jakarta VG86-2YR


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