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Brown Swiss and Canadienne breeds

All sorts of good news!


One new and tested right here in Canada – type specialist :

200BS00413 Top Acres JCS SHEBANG (Wonderment x Starbuck)

 Fragances Shebang Chakira VG85-2YR

GLPI at +1241  starts in the 21st position in Canada                                                             
1st son of Wonderment to receive its Canadian proof!
Grandson to the famous Snickerdoodle!
Available in zones

Type specialist: 5th ex æquo for type at +10 
                          MS +13 (Fore att. +15)
                          Pin width +11

Functional traits :  HL 106        
                              Semen fertility at 68%!


Two new sires imported from Swissgenetics:

Sires 196BS16092 Alders Wagor Nelgor and 196BS15627 Fantastic are added to the proof sheet. Both sires are available upon request.

Nelgor (Zaster x Starbuck)
MACE LPI at +1727
High type at +9, MS +12
Very high milk yield at +1376 kg
HL 102

Nelgor daughter in Switzerland

Very interesting fat and protein deviations
High type at +8, MS +10
Frame +8, Pin width +16

Fantastic daughter in Switzerland

Other Highlights

Millenium maintains the same profile, still scoring high for MS at +7
Ferrari is still available upon request



Statu quo dans la race Canadienne

Status quo regarding sires on our proof sheet
As Expo and Nectar remain firm at #1 and #2 LPI, respectively, minor changes result in
Telethon (#3), Simon (#4) and Mister (#5) taking the following positions.

Purebred sire bank still available.




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