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Detect HEAT Every Time and Monitor Your Cows’ HEALTH!

Detect HEAT Every Time and Monitor Your Cows’ HEALTH!

HEATIME is the only heat detection tool that uses a collar to record cow movement and rumination. The information, collected 24/7, is analyzed by a computer to detect cows that are in heat or sick.??After two years of research and trials with Quebec livestock farmers, CIAQ can now offer the Heatime system to Quebec dairy producers. In concrete terms, HEATIME was installed in 23 tie-stall and 14 free-stall barns and producers are very satisfied with the results. At six farms that have been using this system for six months, the calving interval was reduced by 24 days on average, which represents savings of $100 per cow per year.

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HEATIME can be profitable in two years or less.?There’s finally a product that can detect heat in tied cows and which will help better manage herd health.

24 hours a day

  • Improve heat detection
  • Reduce the calving interval
  • Quicker detection of sick cows
  • Reduce health costs
  • Can pay for itself in less than 2 years
The official launch will be held at the Salon de l’agriculture de Saint-Hyacinthe on January 15 and 17, and at the Salon industrie et machinerie agricole de Québec on January 24, 25 and 26.??

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