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Discover our four new released sires!

0200HO00577 De-Su AUTHORity-ET (Stol Joc x Oman)

•    One of the best newly proven sires; # 5 in Canada for LPI at +2945
•    An ideal profile to improve profitability:
     o    Production specialist: F +70 kg, P +85 kg
     o    Superior functional traits: HL 108, CA 107, DCA 112

Hanalee A Jitterburg, VG86-2YR

0200HO06053 Valleyville MUSKETEER (Bonair x Goldwyn)

•    His dam is a full sister to the famous Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95 2*, Great Champion RWF and WDE in 2011
•    Dominant in type and rump specialist: +13 Conf., MS +10, FL +12, Rump +14
•    Outstanding for herd life +111, like Bonair and Goldwyn and with 2,74 for SCS

West River Musketeer Cindy, VG85-2YR


0200HO06050 Bluenose RISINGSTAR (Stol Joc X Shottle)  

•    Stands out with its extremely well balanced proof
•    An outcross sire for most of the population in Québec
•    Conf +10, MS +7, FL +7 with +11 for rear legs attachment
•    HL 107, MS 105, DCA 105


Stradow Risingstar 622, GP83-2YR       


0200HO76579 Wabash-Way EVOLVE (Bolton X Shottle)


•    Another sire from the Genomax program stands out!
•    Offers high production yields: +1965 kg M
•    Conf. +9, MS +11
•    Sought after functional traits: HL 110, DF 103 and very favorable traits for milking and calving


Gillette Evolve 2nd Hope, VG86-2YR      




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