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An incomparable choice in the Holstein breed!

The new proofs are marked by stability. Fever, Windbrook, Lauthority, Sid and Jordan pass the 2nd generation test with flying colours!

Our other star sires such as Brawler, Tennessee, Chelios, Risingstar, Reginald, Musketeer and Manifold, will meet your expectations and will all continue to earn enviable positions.

Delorme Brawler Joalya VG88-3YR

Jett Air ame as a surprise to many, with a 386 kg increase in milk and scoring 108 points LPI, which now ranks him 4th in Canada at 2963. Jett Air also ranks among the best for TPI values in the USA.

Twomeier Jett Air 1956 VG85-3YR 

Impression ow scores +12 for type, thanks to a 1 point increase.

The group of Genomax offered in sexed semen has been renewed with more high-end young sires:

    - 777 HO 02909 SHERLOCK (Shamrock x Man O Man), GLPI + 3022, 112 HL, 109 DF

    - 777 HO 03937 JUGGERNAUT (Epic x Planet), GLPI + 3207, 113 HL, 104 DF

    - 777 HO 06513 HUNGERGLPI + 3195, +16 Conf., +15 MS

    - 777 HO 06530 SKATEBOARD (Numero Uno x Russell), GLPI + 3163, + 105 kg F (+.68%), Immunity+

    - 777 HO 06537  TEDDY (Large x Man O Man),  GLPI + 3042, +14 Conf., +12 F&L, Immunity+

Among the proven sires that are now available in sexed semen, we can count on Author, Brawler, Musketeer and Risingstar. 


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