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More good news regarding CIAQ’s proof sheet!

200HO05592  Crackholm FEVER (Goldwyn X Blitz)

•    The sire everyone is talking about at the moment!
•    Improves its LPI ranking because of several 2nd generation daughters
•    Earns one point in conformation, now scoring +16, 85% of his daughters are classified GP or better

 Provetaz Fever Tella VG87-2YR


200HO03648  Domicole CHELIOS (Baxter X Goldwyn)

•    Increases its production indexes, now scoring +1022 kg M, +83 kg F, +46 kg P
•    Always exceptional in conformation at +14

Gillette Chelios Jazz Band VG85-2YR

200HO05979  Claynook TENNESSEE *RDC (Mr Burns X Goldwyn)

•    Maintains an excellent and balanced proof, offers interesting yields and indexes, with Conf. at +12 and F&L at +11
•    Displays very desirable overall functional traits
•    Best Red carrier in Canada


Valrick Tennessee Bella, VG85-2YR

200HO00560  Monument IMPRESSION-ET (Socrates X Potter)

•    Has increased its LPI by 104 points
•    Adds 2 points in conformation to its proof sheet, now scoring +11
•    New Immunity + sire
•    Excellent TPI


Hilltop-LLC Impression 4728, VG85-2YR US



New sires are added to the Immunity+ lineup exclusive to Semex. Among others:

•    Monument IMPRESSION (200HO0560)  
•    Amghetti NUMERO UNO (200HO7450)
•    Swissbec BREKEM *RDC (200HO3927)
•    Gehrke Johan DERAY (777HO6448)




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