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Revised LPI Scale for Canadian Dairy Breeds

The Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) will revise the LPI scale for all breeds in conjunction with the April 2013 genetic evaluation release to rescale LPI values in line with two objectives:
-  to halve the scale of LPI values in each breed;
-  to maintain the previous level of LPI values for the highest proven sires.? ?With the December genetic evaluations, LPI values in Holstein sires ranged between - 3000 and +3000 points. Effective next April, LPI values will range between 0 and +3000.

This change in the LPI scale applies to sires as well as heifers and the highest animals in each race will be maintained practically at the same level as they were before. However, there will be an important increase in the number of animals with negative LPI values because the new formula reduces significantly the number of animals showing negative LPI values. Even with a reduced range, animals will not be rescaled; a cow ranking 1st will remain 1st and a cow ranking 100th will maintain that ranking.??

To find out more on the subject, refer to the CDN document, click on the document at right.


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