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The world changes, CIAQ innovates

The world changes, CIAQ innovates

Saint-Hyacinthe, April 23, 2013 – CIAQ has had a memorable year in terms of both sales and the modernization of services. Staff training and the development of tools were a priority in preparation for the delivery of the new Solutions Tandem consulting service. This service was developed with a different approach towards clients, so that CIAQ can better respond to the needs of our clientele and ensure that we are always the reference point for genetics.

“CIAQ is proud of the enviable results we achieved in 2012. They can be attributed to a close partnership between groups of farmers and enterprises committed to dairy and beef production who didn’t hesitate to gain access to the best sires. This led to a slight increase in the number of doses sold,” said President Léonard Chabot, at the presentation of the company’s annual report on April 23, 2013.

CIAQ achieved total earnings of $35.6 million, an increase of 3.9 per cent. This growth is mainly attributable to an increase in semen sales of 5.2 per cent, compared to the previous year, to reach $26.8 million. Operating income before investment income and client dividends reached $2.3 million, an increase of 2.6 per cent. In terms of Semex, in which CIAQ holds 45 per cent of the shares, the company also had a dream year in 2012 as all the indicators progressed very well.

Initiatives aimed at conserving the enterprise’s dominant position in the Quebec market were multiplied. In this regard, General Manager Mario Hébert noted that “Breeders know that, in their never-ending search for efficiency and profitability from healthy and hardy cows, genetic improvement is an important part of the solution and CIAQ really is their partner. Thanks to Semex, a new range of Immunity+ sires identified for their high immune response is now available. We are proud to be co-owners of this Canadian enterprise which is unique in its genre and brings added value to our products.”

New commercial measures were introduced last May. They enhance our business relationships that are directly linked to client loyalty with regard to our products. They continue to encourage the 4,235 breeders from every breed to use young bulls to ensure that the proven sires of today have replacements as the stars of tomorrow!

For some years already, CIAQ has enhanced its advisory department for its clientele through the Solutions Tandem program, which goes one step further in supporting clients with genetic decisions. This relationship, which helps bring added value to products and services, has led CIAQ to take an approach that makes this service available to all clients.

“For us, it is essential that each client can benefit from the knowledge and professionalism of an account manager who has enough time to explain, in tandem with the breeder, the genetic strategies that make us their partner of choice,” said General Manager Mario Hébert.

A training team was tasked with developing a ‘CIAQ Certification’ program as part of this business model. The CIAQ team worked on both acquiring new skills and improving the exclusive tools that have already been developed so that our CIAQ Certified representatives are ready to help you to develop an ever more profitable breeding program.

Mr. Hébert completed his speech by thanking Normand Renaud, who retired last year: “Even if I have only been in position since the end of the year, I’d like to thank Mr. Normand Renaud who helped the enterprise achieve an exceptional financial state while putting the foundation in place to start the new Solutions Tandem service with confidence. I have the privilege of being surrounded by a management team whose work and commitment to our devoted employees makes CIAQ the go-to enterprise in our industry. We can be proud of the results we’ve achieved and the work we’ve accomplished throughout the previous year and I’d like to thank and congratulate everyone on this success.”



CIAQ president, Léonard Chabot presented a work 
by Diane Lazure to Normand Renaud
as thanks for his contribution and involvement 
in the development of CIAQ.

The Board of Directors welcomes a new member

Earlier in the day when CIAQ’s 2012 annual report was unveiled, the members of the Board of Directors renewed the term of office for Mr. Léonard Chabot as president of the enterprise for a third year. He will be supported in his responsibilities by Mr. Daniel Côté as first vice-president and by Mr. Alphonse Pittet as second vice-president. In addition, Mr. Guy Lavoie has left the Board of Directors after eight years, with three as President from 2007 to 2009, during which time his passion helped CIAQ evolve.

Guy Lavoie stepped down after eight years as a member of the board, three as president.

Léonard Chabot presented him with a work by Fern St-Hilaire in appreciation for all his years dedicated to the promotion of genetic insemination at CIAQ.

For the 2013-2014 year, the board will welcome a new member, nominated by the Conseil provincial des CAB, Mr. Normand Chevrier, a Holstein breeder in Rigaud and co-owner of la Ferme du Galet inc. along with his wife Hélène Therrien. Their operation houses a herd of 95 Holsteins, with about 50 milking cows. For many years, Normand has been very active on many agricultural boards of directors, including the UPA and the Club Holstein Montréal-Vaudreuil-Soulanges, of which he was president.

CIAQ, an enterprise celebrating 65 years of history in 2013, has since 1999, been owned by Quebec dairy and beef producers grouped together through the Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec (FPLQ), the Conseil québécois des races laitières inc. (CQRL) and the Conseil provincial des cercles d'amélioration du bétail inc. (CP CAB).



Conseil québécois des races laitières inc. (CQRL)   

- Léonard Chabot (President)  - Gary Bowers  - Martin Grégoire

Conseil provincial des CAB inc. (CPCAB)   
- Rémi Pelletier  -  Alphonse Pittet (2nd Vice Président) - Normand Chevrier

Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec (FPLQ)       
-   Daniel Côté  (1st Vice Président)   - Normand Barriault   - Pierre Thibault  

External Members   
-   Gilles Gauthier   -  Germain Lehoux

New board MEMBEr 

  Normand Chevier

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