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A renewed Genomax line-up: always seeking new heights!

Holstein Breed

Major changes in indexes have propelled Mogul sons to the top, thus bringing in several newcomers to the Genomax program. ASCEND is the highest of the group with a GLPI at +3425 and a conformation index at +16. He offers a balanced profile and strong mammary system values. The product of a Jeeves dam, MUSCADET presents an impressive GTPI index at +2633 with high values for herd life (119) and daughter fertility (108).

DOORMAN who confirmed his ability to sire first class winners at fall shows sees the arrival of his early sons. RALEIGH (Doorman x Windbrook) shows an index of +17 in conformation, a strong deviation in protein and a longevity at 113. CONVERSE is the result of crossbreeding with a Robust dam, he brings a sound balance and draws attention with a SCS at 2.30.

Another addition worth mentioning is the sire ALONZO (Mascalese x Dempsey). He is strong in conformation with a DGV in conformation at +22 and solid deviations. He is the result of proven products which will bring him a higher vote of confidence from our clientele.    

Ayrshire Breed

Lagacé MONDIAL (Bingo x Reality) is the new addition to the Genomax Ayrshire list. He is from the North-American line-up. A well balanced sire, he provides interesting values for all main traits in production, conformation as well as for health traits.

Jersey Breed

The Jersey breed sees three new Genomax sires increase the ranks of its proof sheet, different profiles which will find owners with different breeders! ARCHER (Volcano x Champ) is an exceptional sire in production with over 2,300 kgs of milk and a combination of solids totaling 165 kg. A balanced asset with GENOMINATOR (Marvel x Legal).


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