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  • An exceptional proof round for the Ayrshire breed!



An exceptional proof round for the Ayrshire breed!

0200AY00723 La Sapiniere FACYKIE
(Poker x B-Jurist)

This new bull ranks near the top of the Dec 2014 LPI ranking.

FACYKIE is one of the component leaders of the breed with high KGS and % for both fat and protein.

Facykie is breed average or higher for all functional health traits and an exceptional rating for SCC.

His daughters are average stature cows with open bodies and functional udders and they walk on a correct set of rear legs.

Marbrae Mackenna, VG85-2Y


0200AY00713 Chaluka VIRGILE
(Poker x Dropstad)

This new bull also ranks very high on the Dec 2014 LPI list

Tremendous production & high components

Balanced conformation traits, excelling in mammary system and feet & legs

Outcross maternal line

 * Protect for SCC *

Du Murier Virgile Dorothy, VG86-2Y 

0200AY00716 De La Plaine PRIME :
(Reality x Modem)


North American Ayrshire Genetic Brand

Former Genomax sire

Extremely well known cow family in the show ring

Could be the highest type sire in our current proven sire lineup  

PRIME excels for style, mammary and feet & legs

Very respectable production volume


De La Plaine Prime Primoda, VG86-2Y


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