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Canada loves FACEBOOK!

Already very popular since last August, Marbri FACEBOOK is at the top of the LPI list with an impressive +3012 points. He has nearly 300 daughters in lactation and 120 classified daughters in his first official Canadian proof. FACEBOOK is identified as an Immunity+™ and Repromax sire. It is up to you to like him! 

Four new stars have been added to our December proof sheet.

0200HO02698 Misty Springs SUPERSONIC :

(Superstition x Shottle Satin x Sizzle)     


From the Genomax line-up, he stands among the best Mace available in Canada with +3013 LPI.

SUPERSONIC’s daughters excel in dairy strength, they are angular and open ribbed. Their udders are shallow and wide. SUPERSONICS stands out for all functional traits.

Navs-SG Riesling-ET, VG86-2Y USA

0200HO02692 Gibbs-I Claynook DUDE :

(Atwood x Bolton x Shottle)       

Type specialist, # 2 in Canada at +19

An extreme sire for dairy strength

A very popular Genomax sire, DUDE has almost 1,200 daughters with 201 classified: 28 VG and 82% GP and better ratings. According to Carl Saucier, progeny analyst at Ciaq, Dude’s daughters stand out for their stature, their strength, their functional rumps and hard tops, while their udders are well-attached and show a superb texture.

Harmony View Annabelle, VG85-2Y

0200HO06223 Parile LOTO :

(Planet x Goldwyn x Supersire)

A perfect balance in production, conformation and functional traits

From a star brood cow in Québec.

LOTO’s daughters stand out with their mammary systems attached very high and wide combined with exceptional feet and legs quality. These resistant cows will remain in their herds for several lactations. As a bonus they provide very easy calvings.

Antanne Loto Limace, GP84-2Y

 0200HO06304 Val-Bisson MORNING :

(Aftershock x Goldwyn x Finley)

From the same family as the popular Doorman

A strong sire in conformation whose daughters are strong and well-balanced

Steve Laroche, progeny analyst at Ciaq appreciates MORNING daughters’ mammary systems which are well attached to the abdomen and present an excellent texture. The exceptional working temperament deserves to be recognized.

Damibel Morning Sonic, VG85-2Y


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