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  • Careyprice and Halak among CIAQ’s new recruits



Careyprice and Halak among CIAQ’s new recruits

0200HO06186 Blondin CAREYPRICE

(Goldwyn x Shottle)

From the Barbie family, CAREYPRICE offers a positive profile in conformation and production.

His daughters are showing, high production, strength & stature, as well as superb udders and feet and legs.

Heiwa Careyprice Lilly, VG85-2Y



0200HO06198 Gen-I-Beq HALAK

(Planet x Goldwyn)


Halak’s dam, Comestar Goldwyn Lava, is a full sister to Layla awarded Reserve All-Canadian in 2013; they are both daughters of the famous Lila Z.

Halak is showing a balanced profile and stands out with high indexes for health traits and differential: +.48% fat, +.23% protein.


Air-Osa Halak 15389, GP83-2Y, USA



0200HO03735 Misty Springs SUPERPOWER

(Bonair x Shottle)  


SUPERPOWER transmits an attractive combination of production and conformation (+13).  

He sires daughters with superb udder attachments and showing outstanding dairy strength (+9) and rump (+9).

Silveroak Superpower Annabelle, GP83-2Y



0200HO02618 Dewgood ADVANCE-ET

(Alexander x Goldwyn)

ADVANCE is a remarkable feet and legs specialist (+18).

His daughters also present interesting rump structure while exhibiting well attached and quality textured udders.

Berni Advance Zarta, GP84-2Y



0200HO76617 Wabash-Way EXCITE-ET

(Planet x Shottle)


This son of the renowned Wabash-Way Emilyann excels for health traits and calving ease.

Breclene Excite Vicks, VG85-2Y


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