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Six Newcomers for Jersey Breeders!

0200JE00470 Comestar JDF BEAUTIFULL
(Iatola x First Prize)

Beautifull is making a sensational entrance at the top of our proof sheet!
From the same family as such dominant sires as On Time, Blackstone and Tyler.

The sire that we’ve been expecting for a long time, it excels in production, in conformation and health traits!

Audibel Beautifull Myra VG85-2Y


0200JE00477 Lucky Hill JOKER
(Iatola x Counciller)

Production of 145 kg of fat and protein!
JOKER is in the top 20 proven bulls in the United States

Lucky Hill Joker Sugar VG83-2Y U.S.A.


0200JE00163 Greenmoor JAG
(Iatola x Counciller)

A new very well-balanced sire proof!

·       Transmitting functional, productive and long-lasting cows

Wigmana Jag Grand GP83-2Y


Three new Genomax!

0200JE01007 Missiska MACKENZIE
(Vinnie x Merchant)

MACKENZIE is one of the top ranking young sires in the breed for components, combined with conformation indices and for mammary system enhancement.
From two of the dominating families in the world, on the maternal and paternal side
Among the American elite in JPI for all genotyped sires in the USA in July 2014

Dam : Sunset Canyon Merchant I Maid, VG87-1Y

0200JE00237 Sandcreeks FRANKLIN
(Samson x Tbone)
Along with high ratings for milk, fat and protein yield and overall type on the Canadian and the US system.
Use this bull to increase production while moving ahead on type!

Dam : Sandcreeks Tbone Brownie, VG88-3Y U.S.A.


0200JE01005 Pearlmont DAMION ET
(Visionary x Renagade)

This August, discover a brand new Genomax offered in sexed semen!
Pearlmont Damon, a Visionary son, presents an extremely well-balanced profile
Exceptional health traits, SCS at 2.78 and DF at 107!


**Upon request while quantities last**





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