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A dominant group of Genomax to discover!

0200HO10034 MR Delicious LIONEL-ET
(Mc Cutchen x Robust)

Dam : Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET, VG86-2Y USA

A LPI leader at +3427, DGV at +3521, with an outcross pedigree



(Numero Uno x Atwood)

Dam : Co-Vista Atwood Desire-ET, VG87-2Y USA

His combined values for conformation and
health traits rank him among the best



0200HO06596 Boldi AIRLIFT
(Fernand x Observer)

Dam : Paramount-MB Obsrv Agate-ET, VG85-2Y

This Fernand son is outstanding for all traits:production, conformation and health



0200HO06594 Vieuxsaule MONTREAL
(Mogul x Freddie)

Dam : Vieuxsaule Freddie Cynthia, VG85-2Y

From the Dragonfly family, he offers a
winning combination for Fat (+92 kg)
and Mammary System (+13)


    0200HO03913 Croteau Lesperron UNIX
    (Nunero Uno x Domain)  

    Dam : Regan-ALH Domain Daya-ET,           VG87-3Y

    Scoring +17 for conformation, he is also a health trait specialist 


    0200HO06592  Silverridge V ENVIOUS
    (McCutchen x Snowman)  

    Dam : Velthuis S G Snow Evening, VG87-2Y

    A McCutchen son, designated Immunity+,
    transmitting an outstanding profile to
    meet all your expectations



    0200HO06584 Bryhill SCIENCE
    (Numero Uno x Shottbolt)  

    Dam : Venture Shottbolt Sizzle P, VG86-2Y           USA

    A unique combination: polled, designated Immunity+, with +2985 for LPI



    0200HO07780 Go-Farm RAPTOWN ET RDC  
    (O-Cosmopolitan  x Pitbull)  

    Dam : Go-Farm Star Red, VG86 ITA

    A red carrrier improved by a phenomenal
    potential for conformation



    200HO02985 Claynook DELAWARE  (Hunter x Planet)

    Mère : OCD Planet Diamond-ET, TB86-2A

    Un fils de Hunter transmettant de belles valeurs sous tous les aspects, mais particulièrement en production et en conformation



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