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  • On November 5th, Saint-Hyacinthe is the place to be!



On November 5th, Saint-Hyacinthe is the place to be!

On November 5th, Saint-Hyacinthe is the place to be!

November 5th will be a full day in Saint-Hyacinthe with the Symposium sur les bovins laitiers (Dairy Cattle Symposium), a visit to the CIAQ facilities in Sainte-Madeleine, and all topped off with the official launch of the new CIAQ logo!

Symposium sur les bovins laitiers | 9:00am to 4:00pm

Registration required, Centre BMO, Saint-Hyacinthe

Under the theme “Choix d’aujourd’hui pour les défis de demain” (Today’s choices for the challenges of tomorrow), the 38th edition of the Symposium will address the choices producers are faced with from different angles: herd health and longevity, genetics, housing, planning investments and feed (haylage). For more information

Exclusive visit to kiosks at the Supreme Dairy Show | 4:00pm to 6:30pm

The Supreme Dairy Show invites visitors to the Centre BMO in Saint-Hyacinthe to explore the numerous dairy equipment manufacturers and dealers who will be present. Exceptionally, the kiosks will be open at no charge  from 4:00pm to 6:00pm exclusively for participants in the Dairy Symposium and those attending the launch of the CIAQ brand image.

Official launch of CIAQ brand image | 6:30pm

By invitation only.  Centre BMO, Saint-Hyacinthe
You can win tickets via our Facebook page or by signing up here ?

New logo, new slogan . . . be among the privileged guests to witness the unveiling of CIAQ’s new brand image! A red carpet cocktail & hors d’oeuvres reception - get ready to be fêted! Dairy producers, breeders of dairy and beef cattle, partners and employees will all be there.

Guests will also have the opportunity to visit the new CIAQ facilities in Sainte-Madeleine from 4:00pm to 6:30pm. They will get to see the harvest room, some of the top-listed bulls, the sexed semen laboratory and the semen distribution facilities. There will be a shuttle bus from Centre BMO.

The launch will be the culmination of a vast consultation process undertaken by CIAQ a year ago in order to be able to better respond to current and future clients. Amongst the different exercises carried out, the enterprise held discussion groups with clients and others, and conducted a large survey with dairy and beef producers.

The unveiling of the new CIAQ image – it's all happening on November 5th! 


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