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Several novelties for Jersey breeders

0200JE00349 Dutch Hollow IMAGINATION-P 

(Iatola  x BW Legion)

At the top of the list of polled sires in Canada!

Bellaska Imagine Maga Lee-P, VG85-3Y



0200JE00399 Missiska VITALITY

(David  x Renegade)


A new Immunity+ sire in the breed

Flawless in production, conformation and health traits

Dam : Missiska Renegade Veda, VG85-2Y



0200JE00238 Sunset Canyon INFLUX-ET

(Topeka  x Impuls)

Used heavily as a sire of sons in the USA and Canada

One of the best Topeka sons transmitting high indexes offered in Canada


Dam : Sunset Canyon Impuls L Maid 4, EX91-4Y USA



0200JE01003 Desert Diamond MIND-ET

(Jupiter x Renegade)

A sire transmitting a balanced profile for production, conformation and health traits.

To be used in a multitude of crossbreedings

Dam : Cascadia Marigold ET, VG88-2Y USA


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