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Ciaq gives itself a new image!

Unveilling of its new logo

Ciaq gives itself a new image!

Saint-Hyacinthe, November 5, 2014 - "With the unveilling of its new logo today Ciaq introduces a more modern and dynamic image, the symbol of a company seeking to renew itself!", Mario Hébert, General Manager, proudly asserts in his address to some 400 people representing dairy producers, cattle breeders, members of various associations, as well as industry players and partners.

"Ciaq revitalized its image and adopted a visual identity that is more representative of what clients expect from their artificial insemination centre", Mr Hébert continues.

The logotype becomes Ciaq’s name. From now on this graphic representation will identify the Centre d’insémination artificielle du Québec in a unique fashion. The choice of lower-case letters conveys the human element in Ciaq, the simplicity of a company which remains attentive to its partners and to the agricultural industry. The logo’s symbol is composed of two elements. The horizon line represents Ciaq’s ability to bring breeders and partners together in order to move forward in a spirit of complicity. The focus point is symbolized by the dot on the i in the word "insemination" which represents the objectives to be reached. The dot also symbolizes the sun rising over the fields where breeders and Ciaq’s partners work daily to earn their living. This new logo comes with a new visual identity which is more coherent and consistent.

The corporate signature: "Let’s conceive the future" represents Ciaq’s overall identity, its vision and values, but more specifically its objectives to contribute to breeders’ growth and prosperity.


The Ciaq Board of Directors and its president Mr Léonard Chabot are very proud to introduce the new logo which is the result of a major consultation that took place over this past year and involved several participants, industry partners, and for the most part dairy producers and cattle breeders. The Board of Directors wanted a visual identity with new colors and a new look. The old version of the logo dated back to 25 years and the symbol of the bull’s head as part of a massive and imposing structure was dismissed.

With a revitalized visual identity, Ciaq continues as always to innovate and provide its clients with products and services with a strong added value, and to share with them ideas and knowledge that will help them grow and prosper in the future.

About CIAQ

Located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Ciaq has more than 65 years of existence and employs 320 people. A leader in genetics and bovine reproduction, it is committed to innovate in order to provide breeders with products and services that will help improve the profitability of dairy producers and cattle breeders. Ciaq is owned by three groups of Québec producers: Les producteurs de lait du Québec or PLQ (milk producers), the Conseil québécois des races laitières inc. or CQRL (breed associations), and the Conseil provincial des cercles d'amélioration du bétail inc. or CPCAB (breeding clubs).


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