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We’re moving to the new site in Sainte-Madeleine!

More than 50 large semen reservoirs containing about 11 million doses for export and for the Québec market will be transported to the new facilities that have been built on the site of the Sainte-Madeleine station.

During those two days, the order processing and shipping service will be closed for the move and will resume its regular schedule on Monday, February 24th.

Following the move, if you need nitrogen, or need to bring in embryos, or for all other deliveries, please come to the following address:

875 boul. Laurier Ouest, Sainte-Madeleine

You can contact the order processing team via the same telephone number, (450) 774-1141 or toll free 1-866-737-2427, or by email at for semen orders, and at for orders of promotional items and clothing. The hours for business operations will remain the same.

 Start of construction work in June 2013
Visitors’ entrance in the front of the building   

So, 8 months after the beginning of work to enlarge the main building on the site of the Sainte-Madeleine station, the production and distribution teams are finally together in one single location. These Semex investments have been made as part of its commitment to supply a product of the highest quality according to gold standards for production, handling and distribution of semen.

CIAQ is one of three owners of Semex; the other owners are also Canadian insemination centres, Westgen located in British Columbia and Eastgen in Ontario.


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