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A Most Profitable Offer for Jersey Breeders!

Discover VALIDATION, our new proven recruit. He presents a well balanced profile for herd durability!

0200JE00175 Bridon VALIDATION
(Legion x Iatola)

Rexlea Validation Innis, VG86-2Y      

     ·       Very positive diff.

     ·       Strong indexes for F & L (+6)

     ·       Low SCS (2.78)

     ·       High indexes for Rump (+9)



JOEL and DAVID continue to impress!


0200JE00183 Sunset Canyon DAVID ET
(Valentino x Impuls)

David is stepping in the spotlight with the new PRO$ index, ranking #2 in Canada at $1319.

Shady Glen David Omega, VG85-2Y


·  A first Canadian proof

·  Still a health and safety specialist

·  A balanced proof

0200JE00384 Guimo JOEL
(Legal x Paramount)

And our Genomax, JOEL, is receiving rave reviews!




·       Joel’s daughters are winning several championships.

·       Increased indexes throughout his proof, including 39 LPI

·       A profitable sire with $1630 in the PRO$ index


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