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Ciaq always provides today’s breeders with advanced genetics

It is important to note that Genomax sires have undergone two major adjustments: one of them is the implementation of the annual base change which affected all animals, male and female; the other is the improvement in genetic evaluations precision to reduce the current over-estimation of young sires compared to proven sires. This has a greater impact on sires at the top of the list. Indexes such as fat yield, conformation and health traits are particularly affected. As for the Top 100 LPI sires, the combined impact of these improvements and base change resulted on average in a drop of 7.5 kg in fat yield, 3.3 points in conformation, and 2.6 points in herd life. While these drops are significant, it nontheless important to compare sires with one another, today, rather than based on the last proofs. Also, the variation experienced by popular Genomax sires of sons such as Mogul whose conformation indexes dropped from +17 to +8 when he obtained his Canadian proof is to be taken into account. As a result several of his sons experienced a significant decrease in conformation.


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