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Ciaq in full evolution

Ciaq in full evolution

SAINT-HYACINTHE, March 17, 2015. – Ciaq proudly introduces its new program, "Ciaq evolution", under the theme "To each client his own needs, his own solution, his own pace". This pilot project is aimed at providing a customized genetic package that will meet the profile and needs of each producer.

Ciaq evolution will help determine the herd’s profile, the producer’s objectives and the proper pace he is looking for in order to achieve them. To that end, Ciaq’s clients will have access to all sires available, wether they are listed on the proof sheet or not, as well as to early release sires.

Through this program, Ciaq representatives will be able to develop strategic partnerships with their clients, with emphasis on their specific needs.

Ciaq is hoping that this new program will help increase client satisfaction and profitability. The Ciaq evolution program is available to all Holstein breeders who are using on-farm services. It will be offered to clients of the AI network as of September 2015.


About Ciaq

Located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Ciaq has more than 65 years of existence ans employs 320 people. A leader in genetics and bovine reproduction, it is committed to innovate in order to provide breeders with products ans services that will help improve the profitability of dairy producers and cattle breeders. Ciaq is owned by three groups of Québec producers: Les producteurs de lait du Québec or PLQ (milk producers), the Conseil québécois des races laitières inc. or CQRL (breed associations), and the Conseil provincial des cercles d'amélioration du bétail inc. or CPCAB (breeding clubs).


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